Javi Martinez

Javi Martinez

The Managing Director for YAPARAZZI Events + PR is always busy organising every detail for his impressive roster of clients, from celebrities to leading global brands. These days, he now finds himself planning his own big affair (and one that’s bound to be the social event of the year): his wedding to longtime partner, both in business and in life, Generation T alumnus, Tim Yap. In between planning his dream wedding, the coveted event organiser is still squeezing in special projects overseas and expanding the company’s business horizons. Javi’s trademark style is thinking outside the box and looking for ways to execute something differently. He hopes that through YAPARAZZI, “Somehow, in my own way, I am able to uplift the standards of this industry and the way people are treated in it.”

His passion: Creating new concepts that can make people feel inspired. “I love planning beautiful experiences for different audiences.”

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