Z Teo

Z Teo

He is a cosmetic surgeon and is CEO of the Aivee Group (named after his wife), which now has three Aivee Clinics and the newest addition, the A-Institute with more holistic services. The husband and wife team established the country’s first multi-specialty wellness facility—The A Institute this 2016. It offers a wide variety of services, from weight loss and nutrition programs, cosmetic and plastic surgery, snoring labs, to luxurious in-patient care facilities and even the Aivee Café. Z also manages his own practice in Singapore called Z Medical Aesthetics. When he is not in surgery or managing either facility, he loves spending time with his three beautiful children. The Aivee Group is working on its own line of beauty and skin care products and will be rolling out more Aivee Cafés in the year to come.

His passion: Making others look and feel beautiful.

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