Anna Oposa

Anna Oposa

Anna is the executive director and chief mermaid of Save Philippine Seas—yes that’s right, mermaid. In the last 18 months
she has founded the Sea and Earth Advocates Camp, which has trained over 200 participants in marine conservation. She also helped operationalise the country’s frst shark and ray sanctuary in Cebu through empowerment and education programs. This young activist has dedicated her time to cleaning up our seas and spreading awareness on the importance of protecting the environment. Anna aims to reduce single-use plastics at its source, and develop the national shark conservation policy here. She strongly believes that education is key and thus is focusing on creating environmental education programs with schools and companies in order to inform more Filipinos on the gravity of our planet’s situation. Her father, in fact, pioneered environmental law in the Philippines back in the late ‘80s and has changed the world with his landmark cases.

Life advice: “Change takes time. We run programs and campaigns to address social issues, but we may not even live to see their full results.”

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