Jay Yao Campos III

Jay Yao Campos III

Jay, a lauded artist, has always had the photography bug, capturing images since the age of 15. From a side hobby to a full-blown profession, this talent has exhibited in Asia, Europe, Australia and North America. He works with mixed media but focuses on photography. His exhibition last February 2018 was a fabulous display of abstract geographical shots using drones. Shortly after, he showcased his works at the Philippine Art Fair in March. To him, art is a means to connect with one another—an ideal way to express himself. “I love the endless possibilities,” Jay shares, as he continues to innovate and push boundaries. From his perspective, the Philippines is “in exciting times as Manila itself, is evolving and becoming a cultural amalgamation of different ideas and with so much energy.”

Life advice: “Do things that make you happy. Find ways to support yourself through it.”

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