Patrick Lynch

Patrick Lynch

This Irish gentleman founded Southeast Asia’s frst online lender, First Circle, choosing to make a career for himself here in the Philippines. This organisation is a microfnance institution that provides loans to small to medium enterprises in the country. Unlike banks, First Circle allows you to submit your information entirely online for approval and screening, guaranteeing that a client will receive their loan within three days, if accepted. First Circle has recently secured a multi-million dollar seed round of investment, enabling the company to thrive and provide opportunities for SMEs to grow. Patrick started his career with Morgan Stanley then moved to Asia and led the emerging market roll-out of the Compare Asia Group
and has continued onwards and upwards from there. Now that First Circle has a couple of years under its belt, Patrick and his team have set their eyes on expansion here and across Southeast Asia.

How he deals with stress: “Exercise, meditation, writing.”

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