Rodne Galicha

Rodne Galicha

Rodne has dedicated his life to fghting for a better, brighter future by protecting and conserving the environment. While working with former US Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore’s foundation, The Climate Reality Project, he has helped organise the Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training. Together with civil society partner organisations, Rodne led the green initiative to push for the ratifcation of the Paris Agreement last year through #ClimateActionPH efforts. He has joined the offcial delegation of the Philippines as adviser to COP22 in Morocco and Germany. Rodne works to inspire young Filipinos to take action on the climate crisis through various programs like the Filipino Youth Beyond Paris and Campus Corps. He advocates transitioning the Philippines towards its using renewable and sustainable energy forms, and is leading the Climate Reality Project’s #LetsTalkCleanerEnergy campaign. In 2018, he was chosen by the Global Peace Initiative of Women to represent the Philippines in the Inner Dimensions of Climate Change, a contemplative retreat for young ecologists from Asia. Rodne is also chairperson of a local ecology and cultural conservation organisation in Romblon called Bayay Sibuyanon, and vice chairperson of Greenpeace Philippines. On top of all this, Rodne is relaunching his book
We Are Nature here in the Philippines, Hungary, and Poland.

Who he looks up to: “Pope Francis. In the midst of different challenges and crises—like Jesus and Buddha—he teaches mindfulness, generosity, forgiveness and compassion.”

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