Fitness Tips From An Olympian: Hidilyn Diaz


September 17, 2018 | BY Isabel Francisco and Dorynna Untivero

Our Generation T lister, Olympic medalist, Hidilyn Diaz has continued on to carve out her place in history by setting records, smashing glass ceilings, and proving to all women in the world that, yes, you can achieve your dreams.

This athlete should serve as inspiration to everybody. Hidilyn Diaz is proof that passion, dedication, and consistent hard work will truly get the job done. Hidilyn’s achievements are impressive but the road to success was and is not easy – as is true for any great professional athlete, or any and all success stories for that matter. Putting in your best effort everyday and pushing yourself to not give up is how to reach your goals, and thrive.

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Have you ever wanted to get some health tips from an Olympic medalist? Here’s your chance! Read on to hear what Hidliyn has to share with us: 

Have you always been into fitness and health? Why or how did you get interested in fitness and health? 

When I was young, I considered weightlifting as an opportunity to get an allowance every month. I used it to be able to study, and eventually, represent my country in international competitions. I didn’t really think of weightlifting as beneficial to my body or my health, back then at least.

Why do you love weight lifting? How did you get into weight lifting? 

I love weightlifting because I felt like I belonged. I didn’t need to interact with other people, all I needed to do was train, focus on myself, and persevere in order to succeed in sports. I fell in love with weightlifting because of my cousin, who was into the sport before I was. 

How has fitness changed your life or influenced you?  

Sports changed my life – completely, including my philosophy and perspective on life. From getting a scholarship, an allowance, joining competitions, the training process…. from being an athlete, from being in the sports world, I can say I learned to be very disciplined. I learned to be humble and not to give attitude. I became more goal-oriented. 

What was your training regimen like when training for the Olympics? 

11 sessions a week of weightlifting, and three sessions a week of strength and conditioning.

Do you currently follow any particular diet regimen? Do you always watch what you eat? 

I have a nutritionist and chef that delivers me healthy meals every day. I do watch what I eat. It can be difficult! I avoid oily food, junk food, processed food, and sweets.

How often to do you exercise and what is your go to work-out? 

I train every day – weightlifting, strength training, and conditioning.

What advice do you have for other women/people out there who want to get fit and healthy?

Do something new! Try weightlifting, do functional movements, and eat healthy food. [Contrary to popular belief], lifting weights does not mean that you will get bulky. As long as you have a proper program and have a trained coach to teach you the proper form and the right foundations, weight lifting and strength training is an excellent workout.

What advice do you have for people who want to be like you, an Olympian?  

Dream big – for dreams ignite our passion. Having a goal will motivate you to work hard. Love what you do and train well. It takes discipline to reach your dreams… it requires a lot of sacrifice.

Could you share fitness tips with us?

Drink a cup of coffee before working out. Do dynamic exercises and foam rolling before training, and afterwards do some stretching.

How do you motivate yourself to stay on track with your goals? 

I always remind myself of my goals, and the people who look up to me, if I were to give up.

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