2017 FILA Cup


February 7, 2017 | BY Isabel Martel Francisco

FILA held its annual FILA Cup on February 5th, at the Manila Polo Club.

FILA held its annual FILA Cup on February 5th, at the Manila Polo Club. The event was hosted by the always entertaining, Tim Yap and Tessa Prieto Valdes, who welcomed guests to grab food and drinks as they settled down. As the sun shone and the breeze blew, the players prepared to begin.


10-year-old Alba Berenger-Testa started off the event by singing the Philippine National Anthem. President and CEO of Fila Philippines Cris Albert gave a speech, announcing the opening of a FILA boutique at the Polo Club, before the first chucker commenced.

Among those who attended were: Anton San Diego, Mons Romulo, Aivee and Z Teo, Butch Albert, Ana and Wanda Abad Santos, Dee Zobel, Tina Cuevas, Xavier Btesh, Grace Barbers Baja, Cris Villonco, Lexi Shulze, Marivic Rufino, Sandie Poblador, ­­­­­Javi Martinez and the Philippine Volcanoes.

Congratulations to the BLUE team for winning the 2017 FILA Cup!

 Blue team: Ignacio Ithurburu, Gus Aguirre, Benjamin Urquiza, Cole Aguirre  

Red team: Butch Albert, Fiola Labron, Jose Constantino, Jun Juban

Black team: Nicole Eusebio, Tonypet Albano, Stuart Tomilson, Pip Zorgani

Violet team: Rosanna Yulo, Angelo Licaros, Jam Eusebio, Fred Borromeo

White team: Manot Montilla, Tommy Bitong, Dirk Gould, Juan Jauretche

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