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Homes 2020: Make It Your Own With VCDC

2020: Make It Your Own With VCDC

2020: Make It Your Own With VCDC
By Philippine Tatler
January 28, 2020
The new year sees the construction firm forging ahead with its one-of-a-kind design philosophy

Arbiters of taste will say the real measure of refinement is the ability to adapt one’s choices to one’s standards of sophistication.

Today’s consumers who are of a more specific taste choose to imbue their choices with their personality. They enjoy having their leather goods customised, their outfits made to measure, their designer bags stamped with their initials, their cars souped up, their travel itineraries pre-arranged. Why should one’s choice of real estate and building one’s home be any different?

In the current construction and development landscape, Victor Consunji Development Corporation (VCDC) is the standard bearer of professionally designed and expertly built structures that allow for made-to-measure and custom-fit requirements. Unlike most developers with more inflexible arrangements, VCDC offers custom options for home buyers in the country today—truly a sign of luxury and taste.

In the competitive industry of property development, VCDC leads the charge in crafting smart and stylish abodes that allow the home owner to adjust the structure based on their specifications. VCDC’s blueprint for its homes eschews the regular, cookie-cutter mould of most developers. Instead, there is foresight in its designs that make the structures ready for change and expansion.

This much is evident in its flagship development, the tony and plush M Residences located in the heart of Acacia Estates in Taguig. The exclusive enclave goes beyond the concept of pre-selling homes based on a structural design that is set in black and white—and set in stone, so to speak. At M Residences, homes are designed and built to reflect the character of the home owner, truly making their residences their very own.

Its dynamic CEO, Victor Consunji readily shares, ‘Our structures are built to grow with the home owner. As your family gets bigger and you need more space, we give you the option to build another floor, have another room, have a porch. Changes and renovations to the structure are made infinitely easier.”

And as the new year rolls around signalling growth and advancement, the commitment of VCDC to creating smart and stylish homes that truly bring to life what its owner wants remain as solid as ever. Home assets and inclusions like carports and closets, even house help quarters and roof decks are designed to adjust to a growing household’s requirements, all while keeping a modern, tasteful framework to your home.

One’s prefabricated property is more than a grand design of set, unbending, immovable parts. One’s well-appointed home transforms and adapts to its occupants as it is tailor-fit and custom-made for comfort and convenience. This is the invitation from VCDC, the foremost name that springs to mind at the mention of houses that are truly built for its owner’s taste. With M Residences, it is moving forward into the new decade with its core tenet - create great homes for discerning individuals and making these creations truly reflect their standards.




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