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TravelCamiguin in 24 Hours

Camiguin in 24 Hours

Camiguin in 24 Hours
By Dorynna Untivero
By Dorynna Untivero
May 08, 2019
To launch the first ever direct flight from Manila to Camiguin, Skyjet makes the most out of 24 hours in the picturesque island — find out what's in store when you visit:

The Camiguin (CMG) province is a small circular island with its main highway trailing only 64KM around its circumference — a beautiful two-hour drive if you're looking for a picturesque roadtrip. Although, this is not to say that there isn't a lot to explore here. To bring a new wave of tourism to the province dubbed 'Island of Fire', Skyjet launched its inaugural Manila to Camiguin flight last May 5, 2019. Much like Hawaii, Camiguin is a piece of land formed by volcanoes and their subsequent eruptions, which gives it an incredibly colourful history.

Formerly, to get to the island from Manila one had to connect from Cebu, Bacolod, Kalibo, or other local provinces or take several ferries and transfers. The direct flight cuts down what would've been a five to six hour travel to an hour and thirty minutes, bringing not only bigger economic potential, bure moreso, touristic promise to the province.

A bangka to take you to White Island
A bangka to take you to White Island

A day is definitely not enough when visiting Camiguin, but if you happen to pass by with only a day to spare, here's an itinerary for the adventurous traveller:

Fly From Manila | 9:40AM

Skyjet offers flights to Camiguin five times a week, and will soon be daily as ber-months arrive. Flights from NAIA Terminal 4 are scheduled 9:40 every morning and will arrive at CMG a little over 11:10PM. From the airport, make sure to drop your luggage in your choice of lodging. Camiguin is home to several resorts for varying budgets. Indulge in a hefty lunch to prepare for a day filled with activities!

White Island | 1:00PM

A must-see in Camiguin is their beloved White Island Sand Bar. Uninhabited and pristine, the long stretch of sand is the perfect lounge and snorkelling spot. Large umbrellas are available to rent if you want a fashionable respite from the sun — perhaps bring along your favourite book when visiting this sand bar. Be sure to pack it in a waterproof bag though, for the travel to White Island is through a small bangka which can carry only four passengers at a time. 

People flock to the Sunken Cemetery's viewing deck to offer a prayer often during sunset
People flock to the Sunken Cemetery's viewing deck to offer a prayer often during sunset

Sunken Cemetery | 3:00PM

This spot is one of the most unique dive areas in the island. With literal sunken tombstones, the cemetery has long been reclaimed by nature due to a volcanic eruption. Besides a beautiful view of the horizon, Sunken Cemetery is also home to giant clams and a healthy ocean biosphere. However, if you want to see more of the island's astonishing ocean life, make sure to check out the Giant Clam Sanctuary which is home to almsot 2,500 colourful gentle giants. 

Outside the church ruins
Outside the church ruins

Church Ruins | 4:00PM

Not too far form the Sunken Cemetery, this idyllic spot is a must-see. The hallowed ground was once home to a beautiful church whose walls are now the only remnant. Locals often light their candles by the entrance in prayer. 

Tuasan Falls | 4:30PM

Make the most out of the daylight with a visit to the charming Tuasan Falls. One can even go for a quick dip to cool-off! After an afternoon of activities, its time to take a quick rest in your hotel.

CMG's official logo during Skyjet's inaugural ceremony
CMG's official logo during Skyjet's inaugural ceremony

Food Crawl | 7:00PM

Camiguin is known for many great delicacies. Don't miss out on their signature chicken soup, the Surol, which is could be described as a spicy/ coconut version of the Tagalog Tinola. Try a meal at Bahay Bakasyunan ('Vacation Home') for a taste of the island's cuisine. Because of its beauty and incredibly hospitable people, it might delight travellers to know that Camiguin is also home to authentic foregin cuisines put-up by expats who fell in love with the island. Try out La Dolce Vita which serves Italian cuisine, Casa Roca Inn, or The Beehive Camiguin Driftwood Cafe owned by a very friendly Belgian expat. After a hefty dinner, find a welcoming place to spend drinking the night away and live up to the laidback island life!

Photo: WIkimedia Commons
Photo: WIkimedia Commons

Catch the Sunrise | 5:30AM

Welcome a new day and catch a Camiguin sunrise which paints the sky with beautiful shades of orange and yellow. Take this time to be grateful for nature's wonders and loved ones!

Souvenir Shopping | 8:00AM

After breakfast, make sure to drop by any number of 'pasalubong' or souvenir shops — you'll find many in the island, simply ask hotel staff or friendly locals for the nearest one. Camiguin is greatly known for its lanzones fruit, so much so that they hold a festival for it every year! You can also try out the pastel which is a local bread recipe with different fillings.

Fly Back To Manila | 11:40AM

Make sure to arrive at the Camiguin airport a couple of hours before your flight to make sure you don't rush at check-in. As you wait for your plane, take the time to scroll through the beautiful photo-scouvenirs you've gathered in just less than a day. The island has definitely more to offer than what can be explored in just 24 hours. Recommended length of stay would be five days to a week to make sure you don't rush your visit to each spot. Snorkeling in this incredible island should take a day alone!


Skyjet Airlines now offers direct flights from Manila to Camiguin and Camiguin to Manila which run five days a week beginning May 6, 2019 and will run daily starting September. To know more and book your flight, visit:




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