3 Space-Saving Ideas For The Bathroom


September 11, 2017 | BY Philippine Tatler

Kaldewei offers three clever solutions for bathrooms with limited space

In Germany, the average bathroom measures less than eight square metres. In urban apartments, bathrooms are often even more compact. In an effort to get something good out of this situation, Kaldewei has crafted three clever solutions on transforming a small space into a personal sanctuary, which you can use when you design your new home.

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Combining all the comforts


A small space should not hinder you from having a bathtub and a shower. Through careful planning, this is very much possible.

The Kaldewei Meisterstück Centro Duo bathtub with two-sided panelling maximises space with a single rounded corner at either the right or the left. Styled to match, the undercounter washbasin Centro is framed by a generous surround that optimally accentuates the design of the Kaldewei washbasin. The space under the washbasin is kept clear, adding visible floor area to create the illusion of space in the small bathroom. This effect is enhanced by the floor-level shower surface Superplan, which integrates perfectly with the bathroom floor.

Optimising space


The Cayono bathtub is perfect for this setup as it serves two functions at once—bathing and showering—leaving plenty of room to move around and to enjoy the convenience of two his and hers wash zones. The room is rounded out by matching washbasins made of Kaldewei steel enamel.

Prioritising the shower


If the bathtub is not a necessity, then you can devote a much bigger space for the shower. Floor-level enamelled shower surfaces such as the Kaldewei Conoflat are the way to go here. Their large sizes offer ample room to move for an exceptionally pleasurable shower experience.

The ultra flat Conoflat with its minimalist design visually opens up the interior, while maximising the natural light that fills the room. Echoing the crisp, clean lines of the shower surface and with a matching square, enamelled waste cover, the Cono double washbasin offers plenty of space for two and rounds out an interior that exudes contemporary elegance and seamless aesthetics. The sliding door enclosure in this solution creates extra space in the bathroom.

In the Philippines, Kaldewei is distributed by Kuysen Enterprises. (website here).

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