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Travel 5 Common Mistakes First-Time Solo Travellers Should Avoid

5 Common Mistakes First-Time Solo Travellers Should Avoid

5 Common Mistakes First-Time Solo Travellers Should Avoid
By Syrah Vivien Inocencio
September 06, 2019
Going on a trip as a solo traveller for the first time can be fun and exciting, but the thrill causes some to commit these five common oversights:

1/5 Over-packing

One of the most common mistake first-time solo travellers make is over-packing. Most rookies get too excited that they tend to pack too much clothes or bring too many travel gears that simply aren’t needed for the trip. Having to bring a big backpack or drag several suitcases will definitely be a big convenience when you’ll be travelling alone. Make sure to do your research on the place you'll visit and simplify your packing list to avoid the hassle and instead, get to enjoy your solo vacation.

2/5 Being culturally uninformed

Another major oversight for first-time travellers is informing themselves of the dos and don’ts of their destination’s culture. It’s not bad to feel at home yet it won’t also hurt to research and mind the differences of your culture from theirs. There will always be cultural differences wherever you go. Respecting it will be the best thing to do for a more pleasant and enjoyable experience.

3/5 Choosing style over comfort

Exploring a whole new place can be very thrilling to every rookie solo traveller that some go out and buy themselves a whole new wardrobe. Although there’s nothing wrong with it, a new pair of heels might be uncomfortable especially when your trip includes a lot of walking. Feel free to get yourself different stylish outfits but see to it that they are comfortable and fits you and the culture of your destination.

4/5 Bringing too many gadgets

We all want the convenience of our laptop, camera, and phone with us wherever we go yet when it comes to travelling alone, you might want to opt bringing the most important electronics only. With all the chargers, accessories, and chords that your gadgets may come with, it will surely be a hassle to bring everything. Make sure you go through every item and see if it’s really needed before each trip to unburden you from the extra weight and the stress of keeping your expensive gadgets safe.

5/5 Failing to leave space for souvenirs

Heading to your destination with a suitcase that you can barely zip up will leave you disappointed on your way home. On your very first trip as a solo traveller, you might want to give extra room in your luggage for souvenirs or bring an extra bag solely for items you want to take home.


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