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Homes 5 Living Room Design Ideas for Your Bachelor Pad

5 Living Room Design Ideas for Your Bachelor Pad

5 Living Room Design Ideas for Your Bachelor Pad
By Sharmaine Uy
November 07, 2017
Designing your very own luxury pad? Baxter is here to help

After locking down a flat of your own, now comes the fun part—designing the space to make it truly yours. The living room is especially important because it’s usually the point of focus in any home. If you’re in need of inspiration, Italian furniture brand Baxter has some smart design ideas you can use for your living room.

Monochrome madness


Going for a monochromatic theme is easy when you stick to grey, icy blue, and off-white. The result is a space that exudes coolness and inspires relaxation.

Two-toned harmony


Want a striking appearance for your living room? Pair black and navy items with orange hues for the perfect complementary look.

Asian minimalism


Keep things tidy and well put-together by incorporating elements that encourage organisation and minimalism. Incorporate a pop of colour for a bit of style.

Back to nature


If you want to channel nature in your living room, go for earthy tones like deep green and brown, and natural elements such as wood, metal, and marble.

Timeless classic


If you’re not keen on trying unique themes, you can always fall back on the classics. Pair a plush blue sofa with a leather armchair, a sensible rug, and a simple table.

In the Philippines, Baxter is distributed by Kuysen Enterprises. (website here).


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