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Wellness 5 Reasons Why Eating Less Meat Helps The Environment

5 Reasons Why Eating Less Meat Helps The Environment

5 Reasons Why Eating Less Meat Helps The Environment
By Philippine Tatler
July 05, 2018
Pinoys are voracious carnivores devouring all sorts of meat dishes served at almost every occasion. What’s a handaan without lechon or barbeque? Who says no to crispy fried chicken or a steamy bowl of bulalo under a cold weather? Food that you’ve grown to enjoy are truly hard to resist, especially those that make you remember fond memories for keeps. But did you know that by being meat conscious, you can help Mother Earth in many ways? By cutting down on meat, here are some ways you can do just that:

1/5 Reduce the impact of global warming

We forget that the animal agriculture industry is actually one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the livestock sector generates more greenhouse gas emissions than the transport industry.

2/5 Conserve water

Millions of gallons of water go into growing livestock, particularly in the production of feeds. Water cycles are also being disrupted by overgrazing, reducing the replenishment of water resources. 

3/5 Help the forests

Did you know that nearly a third of the earth’s land surface is used for raising livestock? FAO states that one of the driving forces behind global deforestation is the clearing of land for feed crop production and livestock.

4/5 Save our oceans

With the growing demand for meat, more livestock are reared and more waste is produced. This includes animal waste, fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals used to spray on feed crops. These substances go into our water systems and pollute our oceans.

5/5 Protect our wildlife

When forests are cleared for livestock, ecosystems are destroyed and species are lost along the way. Coral reefs worldwide are being damaged because of water pollution caused by livestock waste. A small change in our diet can go a long way. Try to go for at least one meat-free day a week. Mother Nature (and your body) will thank you for it! 


Words by Stephanie Lim | Haribon Foundation. 




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