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Arts Culture What We've Learned From Michelle Obama's Autobiography, "Becoming"

What We've Learned From Michelle Obama's Autobiography, "Becoming"

What We've Learned From Michelle Obama's Autobiography, "Becoming"
By Mari Carmen Dávila
August 20, 2020
Her book 'Becoming' became a bestseller within just a few hours of its release, beating the record previously held by EL James's 50 Shades Of Grey

Former First Lady Michelle Obama published her new book, Becoming, last November. Becoming is a memoir of her early years in the south side of Chicago, her relationship with Barack Obama, living in the White House and some of the obstacles she has faced in her private life while she was in the public eye.

Without spoiling the book for you, here are our five takeaways from Michelle Obama's memoir.

1/5 Don’t give up on your dreams

In high school, Michelle aspired to attend Princeton University. When she approached her college counsellor about it, the counsellor told her she wasn't sure Michelle was "Princeton material". Michelle, however, chose not to lower her sights and didn't let one person's opinion lead her away from what she knew about herself. 

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2/5 Time is gold

Losing her dad and also one of her closest friends from university only exacerbated Michelle's sense that there was no time to waste in life. She quit a job that wasn’t bringing her joy, realising she had more to offer the world. 


3/5 Always be determined

At 29, Michelle found herself wondering if she could ever juggle being an independent career woman while being a wife and mother. She stayed determined, however, and you know what happened after: she became a lawyer, the wife of the 44th US president, a mother of two, and a symbol of empowerment to millions around the world. 

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4/5 The right clothes give power

Michelle decided to wear a dress made for her by Jason Wu to her first Inaugural Ball. She once explained how the dress made her feel ready to take on the role of the First Lady: “[It] made me feel soft and beautiful and open again.”

5/5 Become more

And an extraordinary journey she has had, becoming the First Lady of the United States, teaching girls to be strong and, finally, sharing her life with the world. Who would have thought that a little girl, whose aspirations were once to have a dog and a house with two floors on the south side of Chicago, would become the Michelle Obama we know? Certainly not her college counsellor. 

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