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Wellness 5 Locally-Made Apps To Make Life In Metro Manila Easier

5 Locally-Made Apps To Make Life In Metro Manila Easier

5 Locally-Made Apps To Make Life In Metro Manila Easier
By Ryanne Co
By Ryanne Co
May 14, 2020
Make life more convenient as you go through the myriad hurdles of living in the new normal

Apps truly are the way of the future. There’s one for virtually everything you need and if there isn’t, we’re sure it’s coming soon. Economise your phone’s memory  by downloading apps that are designed to make life a little more comfortable, a little more convenient, a little more 21st century. 

But not only will you be making life easier for yourself, downloading these apps will also help support and empower workers during a time of economic instability. Now more than ever, we see the importance of essential workers that include delivery men, healthcare professionals, and various frontliners. The innovation of these apps is two-fold, one on an economic level and another on a social level, where all of us must try to make the best than we can of circumstances that surround this new and never-before-seen kind of normal. 

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1/5 MyKuya

MyKuya is a personal shopper app that can get everything you need done, done in a click of a button. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible if not for the dedicated ates and kuyas who volunteer their services to you, helping you with tasks that range from grocery shopping to paying bills to cleaning and delivering coffee.

Created by Gen T awardee, Shahab Shabibi, MyKuya has also expanded to partner up with Robinsons Malls, SM Megamall, and Ministop to make grocery shopping or convenience store runs a little more convenient. You can request for personal shopper services by the hour and get matched with a runner within two minutes.

Available for both iOS and Android

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2/5 Angkas

Angkas has been a Filipino favourite since it first started operations in 2016. Founded by Gen T awardee, Angeline Tham, Angkas has now temporarily deactivated its option for passenger transportation and is focusing on delivery with Angkas Padala.

Angkas Food has also been popular lately, especially under ECQ guidelines. Customers can avail of food from multiple partners including Goldilocks, Mama Lou’s, Wildflour, and more. 

All items being delivered by Angkas riders are insured for up to Php3,000

Available for both iOS and Android

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3/5 AIDE Medical

Medical services are at your fingertips with AIDE Medical. Book home care appointments from a large pool of licensed and trusted doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and healthcare specialists. 

You can also request for medicine delivery, fitness trainers, DNA tests, and e-consults — very helpful especially during these times when unessential trips to the hospital are discouraged. As of the moment, AIDE Medical also allows you to schedule COVID-19 rapid antibody tests at home or for your company. Learn more about it here

Available for both iOS and Android

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4/5 QMobile

QMobile helps you save time by allowing you to queue  at banks and service providers without having to be physically present. Schedule an appointment or get a queue number at BDO, PLDT, St. Luke’s Medical Center, and more. 

Available for both iOS and Android

5/5 Mober

While most delivery services specialise in parcels, packages, and food items, Mober offers consumers vans and trucks to help transport bulkier items around Metro Manila and its surrounding provinces. While services are currently operational, they are limited due to ECQ regulations. After its gradual lift, when normal operations can hope to resume, Mober should be able to deliver to Pampanga, Bulacan, Rizal, Cavite, and Laguna once more.

Available for both iOS and Android


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