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Travel 5 Ways To Stay Sustainable This Summer Without Even Trying

5 Ways To Stay Sustainable This Summer Without Even Trying

5 Ways To Stay Sustainable This Summer Without Even Trying
By Elaine Nuestro
April 02, 2019
Summer is here, so are beach parties and out-of-town trips. Amidst all the drunken fun, music festivals, and island hopping, taking care of the planet is something we should never take a break from. Here are simple ways we can help and it's actually easier than you think.

1/5 Toss Out Your Shampoo Bottles

The world's plastic problem is only getting worse. Every minute, an estimated one million plastic bottles are bought globally, and only 9% of those gets recycled¹. With this number just growing and growing, it's high time to opt for a non-plastic solution.

One way to step away from the plastic craze is by using shampoo bars. These genius products works as good as liquid shampoos but minus the unnecessary packaging. Plus, it's so much easier to travel with!

¹ A Million Bottles a Minute: World's Plastic Binge 'As Dangerous As Climate Change'

2/5 Opt For A Reef-Safe Sunscreen

Did you know that chemical sunscreens are bad for marine life, especially for coral reefs? One study¹ found out that oxybenzone and octinoxate — common UV-filtering compounds in chemical sunscreens — can limit the growth of corals causing a number of casualties on the marine ecosystem.

So the next time you shop for protection, better to opt for a mineral sunscreen instead. These products commonly use active ingredients such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, both are safe to use for the skin and for the coral reefs as well.

¹Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology

3/5 Always Bring A Reusable Bag

Going shopping is always a fun idea during out-of-town vacations, but hopping from store to store might leave you with dozens of plastic and paper bags! So it's always better to keep a foldable reusable bag with you at all times. Just pop it out and stuff as many cool items you want.

4/5 Cut Back On The Red Meat

Meat, as delicious as they can be, is actually causing problems for the environment. Sadly, livestock industry generates 18% of the overall greenhouse gas emissions, higher than those coming from transportation. On top of that, 30% of the world's land surface is used for farming. It also poses threat on water usage and water pollution (yikes!). A few breakfasts and dinners without meat wouldn't hurt, would it? 

5/5 Support Local Goods

Eating locally equals to less food transportation which in turn lessens the use of gas and production of air pollutants. Furthermore, most local markets sell organic produce that uses little to no pesticides and usually small-scale farmers are more dedicated on using environmentally-friendly agricultural methods. Not to mention, you get to indulge in in-season straight-from-harvest food!


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