7 Nature Photographers To Follow On Instagram


August 9, 2017 | BY Sharmaine Uy

These photographers will make you fall head over heels in love with Mother Nature

It’s hard to fully capture the glory of Mother Nature in one photograph, but there are those on Instagram who’ve made it their mission to chase and proclaim the grandeur of the natural world. Here are seven of the most impressive nature photographers you can check out:



National Geographic contributor Babak Tafreshi captures awe-inspiring scenes of the night sky. A quick browse through his feed reveals otherworldly light shows, serene landscapes, and celestial formations.



The Dutch photographer Claire Droppert has a flair for the dramatic, capturing storm clouds over the city, misty countryside terrains, and a singular subject amidst a wide expanse of natural landscape in a filter that is reminiscent of a Scandinavian thriller.



If you’re craving for adventure with nature as your backdrop, prepare to be inspired by Stephen Matera’s Instagram. The feed features Materas and his friends hiking snowcapped mountains, canyons, and tree-lined hills in America.



For sweeping, vibrant landscapes, you can visit Chris Burkard’s Instagram. If you take a look through his feed, you’d feel like each photo captures a precious moment.



Alex Strohl’s feed looks and feels like a traveller’s visual diary, as there’s always an intimate angle to each photograph. He employs a cool palette that makes each photo look aged, but in a great way.



Through Albert Dros’ lens, you will see nature in a mysterious light. Every featured landscape seems to be swimming in mist, casting a dreamy aesthetic.



Robert King often takes photos from a first-person perspective, lending a striking personal take on whatever scenic view he’s seeing.

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