7 Tips For Entertaining At Home


June 23, 2017 | BY Philippine Tatler

#TatlerTips: Getting ready to host guests at home, just got a bit easier!

Entertaining comes naturally to some, but it can cause quite the fuss for others. These are basic tips for what you ought to do when entertaining at home.

Being a good host is essential to throwing a top shelf party – one that people will remember. A great event does not mean a wild and crazy night, but an experience that leaves guests with fond memories and meaningful connections.

Details matter and should not be over looked. When you, as the host, end up tying lose ends at the last minute, it makes guests feel like they were or the event was an after thought.

Take note of these 7 tips for your next cocktail or dinner party:

Be attentive

wine and people.jpegMake sure your guests are taken care of – make them feel pampered while at your party. The host sets the tone for the night.

Prepare drinks and beverages

iced.jpegHave a minimum of 3 drinks to offer people. Make sure drinks are iced and that wine is at room temperature if you are serving red.

wine.jpegEasy drinks to serve are: wine, beer, sangria, gin tonics and champagne.



Photo: Courtesy of PotteryBarn.com

Always use coasters if you are using a wooden table -- we wouldn't want to leave any rings behind.


cover.jpegMake sure you know if your guests have any allergies in order to avoid complications 

Appropriate serving ware


Photo: Courtesy of CrateandBarrel.com

Have cocktail plates and cutlery and napkins so that your things are not dirtied.


canape.jpegHave pica pica ready before guests arrive! Do not start getting ready when people are there. Serving food is important because people always like to have something to munch on while chatting and drinking.

chips .jpegEasy options to go for:

1) Chips for a more casual evening


2) Cheese and charcuterie

3) Dips and spreads


4) Popcorn – you can flavour your popcorn in a variety of ways, from truffle, coconut, olive, to a mixture of different spices.

5)  Canapés – if food is supposed to be hot, make sure it is indeed hot and fresh.

Light candles

candle.jpegCandles absolutely make a house or the space much more intimate and welcoming. Aside from setting the perfect ambience, they add a comforting scent to help set the mood. 




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