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Arts Culture 9 Remarkable Finds At Art Fair PH 2018

9 Remarkable Finds At Art Fair PH 2018

9 Remarkable Finds At Art Fair PH 2018
By Philippine Tatler
February 28, 2018
From a haunting exhibit covering the recent drug war, 24,142 toy cars, an incredibly-detailed imaginarium, to moving photograph exhibits and stunning paintings—we bring you a list of things you shouldn't miss at this year's ART FAIR PH:

Silverlens' Eclectic Works

Silverlens gallery brings visitors an array of contemporary art varying from small sculptures to quirky paintings—this booth is a definite must-see to get a feel of art trends and talented artists on the rise. 

Weegee on Loan

On loan from the International Centre of Photography, New York, Weegee's stunning photograph collection is a captivating selection of street crime and intimacy during the 1930-40s. Born 'Arthur Felig', Weegee has been known to capture the grimace of crime and poverty. 

Neal Oshima's 167 Bukidnon Baes and Datus

All in local/ceremonial garb, this 32-feet-roll of photographs encapsulates an array of Baes and Datus from Mindanao. A stunning collection if there ever was one! It might interest you to know that Oshima helped the Bukidnon community through cultivating their land to help their livelihood. Now, they produce coffee which is sold at Oshima's Makati cafe named Tilde

Everyday Impunity

Curated by Erwin Romulo with photographs by Carlo Gabuco, music by Juan Miguel Sobrepeña and lighting by Lyle Sacris—this exhibit is haunting as it is mind-boggling. It reminds us of the devastation of the drug war, and moreso its placement in an art fair opens up a layered question that reminds us to problematise concepts like: humanity, sympathy, impunity, and murder—worlds seemingly lost in the buzz of news cycles and the sea of new media. 

Geloy Concepcion's Reynas Delas Flores

Dedicated in memory of Markova, Birit Queen, Kuba, and Justo Justo, this collection of photographs of the "Manila Golden Gays" brings to the fore the challenge faced by those who were kicked out of the only home they knew: Home for the Golden Gays, a home for the aged founded by Justo Justo (Former Pasay City Councilor and AIDS activist, Panfilo Justo). Posed in gowns and extravagant garb, the photo collection is a celebration of life, love, and family. 

TATLER TIP: See the rest of the hall for more photo finds some of which capture a mental asylum and the Marawi Siege. 

WW3-the Protracted Kultur War by Kidlat Tahimik

Pioneer in the Philippine independent filmmaking, Kidlat Tahimik graces this year's Art Fair with his installation entitled, WW3-the Protracted Kultur War, as one of its centrepieces. In this gargantuan composition of three separate balangays depicting the artist capturing the competition of beuaty, power, and impact on the Filipino society of Ifugao goddess Inhabian and Hollywood bombshell Marilyn Monroe. Projected on the boats' sails are his clips from his movies Balikbayan #1 and Bahag Ko, Mahal Ko which added context to the wood sculptures and triggered artistic discourse among critics and collectors.

Daniel Dela Cruz's Imaginarium 

A collection of carnivalesque sculptures, this booth welcomes visitors to a world of the peculiar, odd, and bizarre. The carnival-inspired ambient music also adds to the whole experience and seamlessly welcomes you into the world of Dela Cruz. 


101 Unwritten Love Letters Folded Into Paper Boats by Maxine Syjuco

Art Lab's booth this year highlights the Syjuco family of artists and one that captured our attention is Maxine's cathartic diptych, Burning In Water and Drowning in Flame with a centerpiece mixed media installation entitled 101 Unwritten Love Letters Folded Into Paper Boats

"The Art Fair is Full of Objects, More or Less Interesting; I Wish to Add 24,124 More" 

Nilo Ilarde's conceptual piece is a definite standout in a sea of artworks. A commentary on the Art Fair itself, this piece lends a bit of metacritism and turns the whole experience on its head. Reminding us not to take things too seriously from time to time. 


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