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Wellness 9 Luxurious Spa Retreats Around The World

9 Luxurious Spa Retreats Around The World

9 Luxurious Spa Retreats Around The World
By Philippine Tatler
July 12, 2017
Aching for some quality R&R? We’ve got the list for you!

We all need a relaxing getaway every now and then. It doesn’t hurt to treat yourself to the best the world has to offer. From relaxing views of the Tokyo skyline, the fresh sea breeze in Bangkok, awe-inspiring fields of Italy, the stunning sunrise views of India, all the way to the intricate architecture of Morocco – we take you around the world through the most luxurious spa retreats. 

Browse through our quick slideshow below:

Aman Tokyo, Japan
Aman Tokyo.jpg

Indulge in traditional Kampo herbal therapies, a Japanese therapy derived from classical Chinese medicine to invigorate your skin and spirit.

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Amanpuri, Thailand Amanpuri.jpg

Another Aman property, this Bangkok sanctuary boasts their signature herbal steam bath that opens the pores and stimulates circulation. Follow it up by an acupressure foot massage to soothe body and mind.

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Thalassa Spa, Anassa, Cyprus

Anassa Spa.jpg Thalassotherapy (from the Greek word ‘thalassa’ meaning sea and 'therapeía', healing) draws on the restorative benefits of the maritime climate, seawater, and marine derivatives. Treat yourself to their exquisite seaweed polishes and algae body wraps to get a relaxation experience like no other.

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Vair Spa, Borgo Egnazia, Italy Borgo Egnazia Vair Spa.jpg

Enjoy 2000sqms of retreat and relaxation. Brogo Egnazia’s in-house spa called ‘Vair’ takes Italian flair to the next level with cultural dinners and signature treatments. A popular yoga retreat, Vair promises a getaway that will soothe your body and mind through movement, fitness, and meditation.

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Chi The Spa, Shangri-La Mactan, Philippines 24sp001h.jpg

In traditional Chinese philosophy, ch’i or "Qi" is the universal life force that governs well-being and personal vitality. This is the philosophy that Chi The Spa internalises through their array of services like body massages, hydrotherapy, and personalised regimens.

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Madarin Oriental, Bangkok, Thailand bangkok-13-spa-suite.jpeg

With specialty spa suites designed for the ultimate hideaway, the spa at the Madarin Oriental in Bangkok prides itself in their personalised care that promotes meditation, yoga, and techniques from Indian healing.

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Ila Only Spa, Raas Devigarh, India

RAas Yoga.jpg Devigarh offers a world-class spa with a heart, run by authentic British brand ila. An old Sanskrit word denoting Mother Earth, the sacred essence of ila is echoed through their age-old beauty rituals, the rejuvenating power of touch, and divine smells chosen to promote biological change and harnessed from an incredibly rare level of organic purity.

TATLER TIP: Don’t miss out on their early morning yoga sessions that will make you believe in the power of meditation and sanctuary. 

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Rancho La Puerta, Baja, Mexico Rancho-La-Puerta-Vacation-Resort-1283-e_2.jpg

With three health and beauty centres the spa at Rancho La Puerta will be your sanctuary for the week. Their  treatments use aromatic and medicinal herbs and other healing plants grown in their organic gardens at Tres Estrellas. Find a balanced mind and spirit as you take a stroll through their fairytale-esque gardens.

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Royal Mansour, Marrakech, Morocco  Royal Mansour.jpg

Releave yourself of the stress of city life as you enter the Royal Mansour Spa. With a tea lounde, beauty and fitness centre, this luxury escape will make sure all your needs and wants don't go unattended. With private suites and international chefs to prepare your in-house meals, this truly is a getaway like no other. 


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