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Travel A Different Kind of Tour

A Different Kind of Tour

A Different Kind of Tour
By Philippine Tatler
April 08, 2015

Get ready for an aerial journey that will let you experience the Philippines like never before.

Summer is a time for sightseeing, and nothing beats a thorough tour of Philippine cultural, historical, and natural treasures. But what if you can do all this while suspended in mid-air?


Helicopter tours add another layer to the sightseeing experience that even though you’ve been to the spot before, you’ll be seeing it in a whole new light. Hovering above these scenic sites, along with your family or friends, you’ll have the chance to experience the country in a different way.

An aerial shot of the Banaue Rice Terraces

Explore the Philippines’ rich and gorgeous landscapes with PhilJets, a Filipino-French/Cambodian venture which is the first to develop tourism and scenic flights around the country using helicopters. The company offers helicopter tours and packages that include aerial expeditions through the bustling districts of Manila, the UNESCO World Heritage site of Banaue Rice Terraces, the mystifying Mount Pinatubo, the lively surroundings of Taal Volcano, and the fascinating ruins of Corregidor.

A view of the crater of Mount Pinatubo

Depending on the distance from the city to the destination, these tours last for 30 minutes to three hours, with the flying rates ranging from 57,000 to 300,000 pesos.


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