A Guide To Designing Small Bathrooms


September 11, 2017 | BY Philippine Tatler

Is the bathroom in your bathroom a tad too small? Follow this guide so you can work wonders on this space

7_1_1_Kaldewei_Centro.jpgKaldewei Centro

Small spaces are oftentimes considered lacking, but this doesn’t have to be the case when it comes to bathrooms. Urban apartments nowadays leave such little space for the bathrooms, but with careful planning, you can work wonders with what you’ve been given. German bathroom furnishings manufacturer Kaldewei has laid out in this guide the five things you need to consider when designing a small bathroom with a big impact.

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1. Create a bathroom wish list

Start by addressing the essentials: Do I need a bathtub or would I rather have a shower? Are both a must? How many wash zones do I need?

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2. Make the most of space with individual solutions

Optimise your space with bathtubs or shower surfaces that save space in the right places. Flexible solutions are best for a perfect fit. Make niches work for you – use them to install a shelf, cabinet or shower. Maybe a sliding door will give you more space?

3. Visually enlarge the room

A floor-level shower surface provides greater freedom of movement in a small room. Opt for discreet colours, such as the exclusive matt shades of the Kaldewei Coordinated Colours Collection, that blend harmoniously with the bathroom floor. Not only will this add to an aesthetically homogeneous appearance, it will also make especially small bathrooms appear larger.

6_Kaldewei_Cono.jpgKaldewei Cono

4. Choose colours wisely

Contrasting colour combinations, such as black and white, add exciting accents that heighten the decorative effect in the room. Make sure to take advantage of natural light, complemented by a well thought-out lighting scheme. A word of caution: Strong or dark colours can quickly make a small bathroom feel even smaller.

5. Opt for a high-quality look

There is nothing that says a small bathroom can’t have an inviting ambience. Polished surfaces made of steel enamel, for instance, give a sophisticated impression while also opening up the room.

In the Philippines, Kaldewei is distributed by Kuysen Enterprises. (website here).

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