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Homes Kuysen Philippines Offers A Luxurious Shower Experience With Their Cutting-Edge Bathroom System

Kuysen Philippines Offers A Luxurious Shower Experience With Their Cutting-Edge Bathroom System

Kuysen Philippines Offers A Luxurious Shower Experience With Their Cutting-Edge Bathroom System
By Syrah Vivien Inocencio
January 15, 2020
Taking a shower can be considered as one of life’s little luxuries. While it’s important to practice good hygiene on the regular, there’s so much more to feeling clean than rubbing soap all over your body and then rinsing it off.

Allotting time for a refreshing shower in the morning gives you your much needed own time each day. This little time is enough to wake you up, clear your mind, and relax you after the rude awakening by your alarm. Likewise, there’s nothing better than coming home and taking a relaxing shower that will not only wash away all the dust and dirt your body has accumulated throughout the day but also calms you and gives you time to recover from the day’s demands.

This simple act, which we often see merely as a part of our daily routine, offers more than what we think that perhaps it is one we take most for granted. Aside from its physical health benefits, showering is also a wonderful opportunity to engage in mindfulness. It is not uncommon that the mind wanders while in the shower. More often than not, most people actually get their best ideas during this time while some are able to think and deal with their own unwanted thoughts.

With that being said, it only makes sense to give importance to our shower needs. This is why Kuysen Design + Experience Centre offers an award-winning Shower World Experience like no other. One will definitely realise the importance of having a shower that will not only serve its purpose but can also be a luxurious retreat.

The five-storey, multi-function building brought to life by the hands of esteemed architect and interior designer, Ed Calma, opened its doors last 21 February 2019 and is the first of its kind in the Philippines. Kuysen, one of the leading sources of luxury home furniture and fixtures, promises an experience beyond the ordinary — bathing in some of the most luxurious and state-of-the-art shower systems there is.

AXOR ShowerHeaven
AXOR ShowerHeaven
AXOR ShowerHeaven
AXOR ShowerHeaven
AXOR ShowerHeaven
AXOR ShowerHeaven

Kuysen’s Shower World Experience lets you bathe in the clouds with its pièce de résistance, the AXOR ShowerHeaven, an unprecedented overhead shower with a 1.2 metre long and 30-centimetre wide panel of high-quality metal.  It features three jet types that guarantee a luxurious showering experience: the concentrated mono jet for a relaxing massage spray, the expansive rain jet for a soothing rain shower, and the body jets with the unique PowderRain spray that mimics luscious, silky raindrops evenly distributed through its fine silicon nozzles.

With its four retractable “wings”, the ShowerHeaven allows users to enjoy each jet type individually, or all three in unison for a spectacular sensory experience. This impressive shower spray will definitely let your mind wander above the clouds while thousands of extremely soft water droplets kiss your skin.

AXOR ShowerHeaven
AXOR ShowerHeaven

A shower is not simply just a shower. As a part of the Shower World Experience, Kuysen features the AXOR Overhead Shower and the amply proportioned buttons on the AXOR Select Thermostat Module are crafted from high-quality metal. The spray plate maintains a range of spray types: a gentle gush spray, a powerful mono spray, and a voluptuous rain spray; while the Select buttons allow anyone to precisely switch between jet types and showerheads.

One Thermostat
AXOR 350 Overhead Shower
AXOR ShowerHeaven
AXOR Select Thermostat Module

Simple yet powerful, the AXOR 350 overhead shower has an imposing circular design made of high-quality metal plate that captures any bathroom space majestically. This overhead shower of pure simplicity also turns into the AXOR ShowerPipe 800 shower system with revolutionary spray type: the gentle PowderRain that envelops the skin like a silky rain shower.

AXOR Overhead Shower with Select thermostat module

True to the Kuysen brand, these showers provide exceptional functionality and remarkably creative design. If you wish to experience a luxurious shower like no other, you can proceed to the Designer Bathroom where you can find award-winning design and innovative shower systems from industry leaders AXOR, Hansgrohe, and Duravit. Believe it or not, robes, towels, and toiletries are all provided if you wish to book a private test shower and indulge with the pleasure of AXOR shower innovations from the Hansgrohe Group.

Experience truly a treat of the senses with an unparalleled luxury that is only Kuysen.

Kuysen Design + Experience Centre at 2 Jupiter St., Makati City. For more information, visit


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