Are you Addicted to your Smartphone?

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March 14, 2017 | BY Isabel Martel Francisco

These 8 telling signs may help you find out!

In today’s world, who isn’t addicted to their smartphones, is the real question.

Socialising has become a paradox in our technologically advanced lives, as it has become both easier and more challenging. With a wealth of information and endless social media applications, developers have made communicating and learning, effortless. At the tap of a screen you can reach out to hundreds or thousands of followers and friends, learn about what they are doing, know exactly where they are, and digest real-time news like never before. So why is it seemingly more difficult to connect, meaningfully, with people? 

Looking down at our devices takes us away from the present. It removes us from conversation and from engaging with the people who are currently around us. The appeal of social media and the smartphone, is that we can customize and carefully create our personas, ensuring that our image presents exactly how we want it to. There are far less chances of making mistakes or encountering socially awkward experiences online. You can think of the phone as an escape that many people use to avoid lulls in conversation, awkward moments, or certain situations that may frighten them. However, we have grown accustomed to continually and constantly checking in on our digital bubbles that being without them, often feels quite strange.   

If you are able to, take the time to simply observe the people around you on the way to work, at the mall, or pretty much anywhere, for that matter. Our bet is that you will find, that most people will be completely absorbed by their smartphones. Have you noticed that during meals, your family and friends often do not speak and instead are vigorously tapping away, taking to other people or updating their whereabouts on Snapchat? Yes, it is definitely annoying, and terribly bad for you too! Learning how to strike up conversation, look people in the eyes, and be a charming human being is a top-notch quality that more people seem to lack as the years fly by.

It's time to put an end to this and to remind everyone that life continues off screen and that it is, in fact, more interesting!



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