Are You Annoying At The Office?

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August 29, 2017 | BY Isabel Martel Francisco

Are you sure that people enjoy working around you? Read on to find out if you're doing something wrong:

The dynamics between people in a company and within an office differ from situation to situation. Company culture and the level of formality required of employees are large factors in determining how people interact, but a few things should never change. 

Are you a good person to work with? Do people in the office have a problem with you? Check out these 19 office etiquette tips to find out if you're the best, or a total pest to work with:

1.jpg1. Don’t blab on about your personal life and all your issues because it is very distracting to other people who work around you, who may not want to hear it. 

2. Keep your computer and phone silent, or at a low volume so that every time you get an email or message it does not bug everyone else.

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3. If you’re in a meeting, please pay attention to the person speaking. If you must check your phone or laptop, make it brief. There is nothing more rude and irritating than talking to someone who is not listening to you.

2.jpg4. Unless everyone is in on the joke, try not to have this conversation in the middle of the office #FOMO.

5. If you are eating at your desk be considerate of those around you. Not everyone may be used to or in love with certain pungent smells. 

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6. Clean up after yourself in the office kitchen or dining area. For that matter, clean up after yourself in any space you are in. 

3.jpeg7. If you’re sick and contagious – stay home!

8. Did I just send that?? Make sure you check who you’re sending an email to before you accidently hit reply-all.

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9. Be conscious of how you write out digital messages, as your tone may not come across clearly via text or email. Punctuation is important, and yes, maybe the occasional emoji too.

4.jpeg10. Don't monopolize the conversation. Be open minded!

11. Lift etiquette! 

12. Be on time! If you know that you won’t make it on time, be sure to tell whoever is waiting on you that you’re running late. It is very rude to not give someone a heads up.

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13. Do not spray cologne or body sprays all over yourself in the middle of the office.

14. Don’t pull a Trump and tweet before thinking. In the age of social media, remember that nothing is “private” anymore. Refrain from complaining about your colleagues or workplace on the internet.

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15. If you are planning things with officemates, be sure to include everyone. If you are not including everyone – private message your friends so as to not make others feel left out.

6.jpeg16. When you borrow something from someone 1) ask first, 2) give it back

17. Do not belittle someone in front of everyone. If you must give someone a dressing down, do so in private.

18. Think like a team. Team work makes the dream work. Do not try to do everything yourself – remember that delegating work is efficient. Do not take credit for things that others have helped create and produce. Remember that the office is a team – so your actions can and often will affect others.

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19. If you don’t have an office with a door, take your calls outside, especially if they are personal. 


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