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September 7, 2017 | BY Philippine Tatler

This month, Artinformal opens three new exhibitions by Cris Villanueva Jr., Elaine Navas, and Nilo Ilarde

Social Media Banner.jpgAt the Main Gallery, Villanueva Jr. explores a different side to solo shows by simulating a group show.
In “Where None is the Number”, different styles and media come together to record traces of  associations and intentions expressing aspirations, disappointment, and the postmodern in-between.

Elaine Navas renders the undying ebb and flow of the sea as captured by Ling Quisumbing travelling from Mindoro to Manila.

Navas.jpgNavas' "The Whole World Would Not Be Moved By Itself But By Its Part," after Ling Quisumbing

Showing at the Big Room, blue has never been more calming and the beauty  of movement has not been as sophisticatedly restrained in “Nothing Moves Itself.”  With a boundless arsenal of ideas and techniques, Nilo Ilarde challenges the norm with his show  “Fools of the Trade.” Find out what possible spectacle awaits to flip our deeply rooted definitions at the  gallery’s Inner Room.

Villanueva Ground Zero.pngVillanueva's Ground Zero

Sit back and look closely; you are definitely in for a ride this September at Artinformal. Shows open  this Saturday, September 9, 6PM, and will run until October 7.


For more information, you may call Artinformal at 0917-897-6691, or email

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