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TravelAstoria Hotels and Resorts: A Cue from Nature and Spaces

Astoria Hotels and Resorts: A Cue from Nature and Spaces

Astoria Hotels and Resorts: A Cue from Nature and Spaces
By Philippine Tatler
November 28, 2018
Astoria Hotels and Resorts provides world-renowned hospitality in the middle of the metro and in some of the country’s most serene spots

After 17 years in the hospitality field, Astoria Hotels and Resorts has made a name for itself as the epitome of worldclass accommodation in the Philippines. The brand has become synonymous with elegance and creativity as it continues to deliver on its promise of unforgettable stays.

Whether it’s a sanctuary in the middle of a busy commercial district or a vibrant seaside escape, each of Astoria’s six distinct properties thrives on the beauty of the Philippines and guests’ varied needs and interests.

Every structure, room layout, and floor plan conveys a different experience. As a brilliant collaboration with award-winning interior design firm Atelier Almario and architecture group

The Canopy at Astoria Palawan
The Canopy at Astoria Palawan

Gallego & Associates, each space was built and brought to life accordingly. Banking on skills and expertise, the Astoria brand has time and again been communicated through a high regard for exceptional local design.

The group’s first two hotels are both strategically located in corporate centres; making Astoria Plaza in Ortigas and Astoria Greenbelt in Makati accessible for business engagements and leisurely encounters. The first is a modern take on business chic, setting the standard for urban living as it combines residential suites with a deluxe hotel. The second city hotel features dark-stained wood and soft lighting, setting the mood for comfort and relaxation without compromising on sophistication.

Astoria Palawan’s one bedroom suite
Astoria Palawan’s one bedroom suite

From luxurious urban dwellings in the city, the Astoria brand travels together with its guests to some of the Philippine’s beloved vacation spots. Set on the world-famous beaches of the newly reopened island of Boracay is Astoria Current. The resort exudes a vivacious and colourful aesthetic, which draws inspiration from the nearby water sport activities and nightspots along Station 3. And as the rest of the island sleeps in stillness, so does its second property in the island, Astoria Boracay. Once establishments become fully operatonal, guests will be welcomed back into a laid-back retreat in the resort.

Tucked away in one of the country’s natural gems is Astoria Palawan. As a destination in itself, the eco-friendly resort sits on a vast mango orchard, utilising distressed and repurposed wood for an overall rustic feel. Merging the concept of work and play, the property is home to the Mangrove Conference Center and the Astoria Palawan Waterpark.

Parasol at Astoria Current
Parasol at Astoria Current

The function space in the Mangrove Conference Center with a capacity of up to 450 guests in the main hall and 100 in each of the two smaller function rooms for corporate and social events is offset by Puerto Princesa’s first aquatic amusement park. This features a marine sanctuary, vibrant vortex water slides, a lazy river ride, and other attractions.

And lastly, nestled in the shores of Baclayon is the little gem, Astoria Bohol. This property combines the region’s traditions with bespoke hospitality to create yet another unforgettable sojourn. Inspired by a rich Spanish-Filipino heritage, the resort is clad in ventanilla details and machuca tiles - paying homage to old-world elegance. Every getaway and staycation at any one of the idyllic Astoria Hotels and Resorts is a showcase of artistry and hospitality that takes its cue from nature’s gifts and Filipino culture.

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