AXOR Uno Zero and Select Take Top Awards


September 6, 2017 | BY Philippine Tatler

AXOR achieves a new level of design success for the Zero and Select models of its new AXOR Uno bathroom tap

The purist-inspired collection AXOR Uno receives the highest acclaim for its design at the iF Design Awards, with the Zero and Select models striking gold. The pieces were judged according to the quality of design, workmanship, environmental compatibility, functionality, and innovation.

The distinct aesthetic of the two AXOR Uno models resounded well with the judges at the iF Design Awards. “Their purist design and ease of use makes these washbasin taps undeniably impressive. A bathroom tap system for washbasins, showers and bathtubs, where the bold and uncompromising reduction of form, combined with functionality results in a design that is both clean and timeless,” the jury stated in its evaluation of the AXOR Uno Zero and Select mixers.

The construction design of the AXOR Uno is true to the uncompromising design principles of the original Purist movement: two precisely shaped cylinders joined together at a right angle. Operation of the AXOR Uno taps has been reduced to the essential: the flow of water is turned on and off by pressing the Select button, by turning the Zero handle, or with an ergonomic lever handle.

With this triumph, the Hansgrohe Group (which AXOR belongs to) has become the best German company as well as the highest-ranking manufacturer in the sanitation industry within the iF design ranking, again outperforming some 2,000 listed companies, including top manufacturers and brands such as Audi, BMW and Apple.

In the Philippines, AXOR is distributed by Kuysen Enterprises. (website here).

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