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WealthBank of the Philippine Islands: Elevating Lifestyle

Bank of the Philippine Islands: Elevating Lifestyle

Bank of the Philippine Islands: Elevating Lifestyle
By Philippine Tatler
November 28, 2018
With its heritage of innovation, Bank of the Philippine Islands hosts an array of credit cards for a wide spectrum of clients

In a world where one is hardpressed to keep track of monthly bills and unplanned expenditure, a credit card can become a useful asset.

The sleek piece of plastic doesn’t have to be associated with the pitfalls of debt. Many banks have shown the practical and exclusive benefits of using a credit card, which through smart spending offers endless perks for cardholders.

For years, banks have been linking businesses to individual customers through innovations such as the credit card, facilitating transactions and providing solutions to help manage customers’ finances. Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), the first bank in the country and in Southeast Asia, is a pioneer of this tradition of service.

The newest BPI Visa Signature card
The newest BPI Visa Signature card


BPI has been a beacon of financial trust and confidence since 1851, offering a wide range of financial products to millions of people who lead diverse lifestyles. Recognising that each individual has unique priorities and dreams, the bank continually develops products and services that correspond to diverse interests.

Before choosing a credit card to apply for, distinguish where most expenses go to and which of these you hope to save on. BPI offers rebate options and cumulative reward points for every amount you swipe with your card. These features will vary for frequent air travellers, online shoppers, loyal diners, and customers that visit partner malls. Some cardholders may also avail a selection of online deals, while others may enjoy the option of paying affordable monthly instalments for bigger scaled purchases.

A couple enjoys the gorgeous sunset in the Carribean
A couple enjoys the gorgeous sunset in the Carribean


As a company that puts a high value on innovation, BPI has once again created a product that addresses the evolving needs of its consumers. With the rise in luxury expenditure for ultra-high-networth individuals, the bank launched the BPI Visa Signature Card.

The card exceeds other premium cards in the market with the lowest conversion rate of one premium point for every 20-pesos in spending. This provides clients with more comprehensive rewards, thus elevating their experiences of their preferred lifestyles.

“It’s no surprise they love to travel, dine, shop and relax,” says BPI Head of Credit Cards Jenny Lacerna about the card’s affluent clients. “With BPI Visa Signature Card, we found a way to cater to all their needs, especially when they travel. We want to be there for them from the moment they book a trip until the end.”

Eye-catching nature
Eye-catching nature


“Our aim is to help Filipinos create memorable experiences when they pay with Visa,” says Visa Country Manager Stuart Tomlinson. With the BPI Visa Signature, clients can enjoy discounts at 900 alluring hotel properties through Visa’s Luxury Hotel Collection. Globetrotters can also book their flights, accommodation, and transportation through the BPI MyVoyage, a one-stop online portal for worldwide travel and retail choices.

During transit and travel in various parts of the globe, cardholders may also avail of fast track immigration services and airport limousine transfer services. They can enjoy unlimited access to NAIA Terminal 3’s Pacific Club Lounge, which will soon be a part of international lounge network, Dragon Pass.

Apart from confidently roaming the world with travel insurance and access to lower foreign exchange rates, BPI Visa Signature cardholders can seek assistance from a worldwide concierge. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the concierge ensures customers’ needs are attended to. From making restaurant reservations in around 60 cities to accessing tickets for sold-out concerts and plays, the concierge is ready to assist wherever you may be in the world.

To apply for your BPI credit card and for more information, visit


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