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Homes B&B Italia's Camaleonda Sofa: 1 Sofa, Infinite Ways

B&B Italia's Camaleonda Sofa: 1 Sofa, Infinite Ways

B&B Italia's Camaleonda Sofa: 1 Sofa, Infinite Ways
By Christine Andas
By Christine Andas
March 19, 2021
The iconic Camaleonda sofa, favoured by many for almost five decades, makes its return from the 1970s to bring you comfort and freedom at home with its elegance and functionality

More than a new vintage aesthetic to embed into your home, this classic Camaleonda sofa from B&B Italia allows infinite arrangements for your family's comfort.

Although Mario Bellini refined the iconic Camaleonda, he made sure that the sofa retained its unique identity. Bellini shared, "Camaleonda is a name that I invented in 1970 by mixing two words: the first is the name of an extraordinary animal, the chameleon (camaleonte in Italian), that can adapt to the environment around it and the word ‘onda’, wave, that indicates the curve of the sea and the desert. Both these words describe the shape and function of this sofa".

It's highly likely that you have seen the Camaleonda in a film. Because for five decades, this sofa has been featured in international design museums and film-sets. It has been favoured by design aficionados, antique dealers and interior decorators for its architectural element.

"Of all the objects I have designed, Camaleonda is perhaps the best in terms of its sense of freedom. There [is] an infinite number of possible configurations," Bellini shared.

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The Camaleonda has a geometric pattern that makes each element resemble an enormous pixel. You may redesign the Camaleonda however and whenever you wish. The seats, backrests, and armrests can be unhooked and recombined based on your preference.

Although Camaleonda is an old favourite, this reissue looks to the future with its sustainable materials. It has a "sandwich" structure made of recyclable materials which can be disassembled. The seat, backrest, armrests and bases are made of wooden panels. And the feet are made of Forest Stewardship Council certified beech wood.

The padding is made of polyurethane which gives it a firm feel. For a comfortable spring effect, there are various layers that provide empty spaces or pockets.

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A fun addition to the Camaleonda is the series of accessories inspired by the game of chess called Gli Scacchi. Inspired by the royal game of chess particularly the queen, the knight, and the rook, the chess pieces are easy to move.

The 2020 reissue also offers soft covers that are made of thick leather and calf hide with visible stitching. Made of soft polyurethane, the three elements can match the dimensions of the Camaleonda. The base has a metallic profile which exhibits a softness of the object.

The Camaleonda is now in Manila. See it for yourself at the Twenty-Four Seven McKinley Building, BGC or visit




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