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Arts CultureCatch Betsy Westendorp And Kenneth John Montegrande’s Art Notebooks At Día Del Libro 2019

Catch Betsy Westendorp And Kenneth John Montegrande’s Art Notebooks At Día Del Libro 2019

Underwater Seascape by Kenneth Montegrande
By David Jonathan Bayot
April 15, 2019
The De La Salle University Publishing House (DLSUPH) joins Instituto Cervantes Manila in celebration of Día del Libro (International Book Day) 2019 with the launching of two Art Notebooks that feature the paintings of Manila-based Spanish painter Betsy Westendorp and of Filipino painter Kenneth John Montegrande


The Día del Libro 2019 event will be held at the Ayala Triangle in Makati on April 27, 2019 (Saturday), from 10 AM to 10 PM. The event is organized by Instituto Cervantes Manila in collaboration with the Embassy of Spain and other cultural institutions from the Philippines and the Spanish-speaking world. Declared official by the President of the Philippines since 2015, this event aims to promote the book industry and to celebrate the joy of reading.


The first two in the notebook series showcase Westendorp’s Luces en los Jardines de Amistad (Lights in the Garden of Friendship, 2018; acrylic on canvas; 26.5 x 35.5 cm) and Montegrande’s Underwater Seascape (2018; acrylic on canvas; 48 x 96 in). (Both artworks are reproduced from the David Jonathan Bayot collection.) One of the aims of this publication endeavor is to bring Philippine art—its national as well as inter-national character—closer to the visual and imaginary horizon of those who care enough to see (and see better).

Luces en los Jardines de Amistad by Betsy Westendorp
Luces en los Jardines de Amistad by Betsy Westendorp

Both Westendorp and Montegrande are authors-artists of DLSUPH. In 2018, the university press office published and launched Betsy Westendorp, a two-volume coffee table book set featuring the art and life of Westendorp. This coming July 2019, DLSUPH is scheduled to release The Art of Kenneth John Montegrande. The Montegrande book will be the inaugural volume in the Contemporary Filipino Artists book series. Both the Westendorp and the Montegrande publications—as well as the subsequent volumes in the CFA series—aim to offer readers, both national and international, a range of visual treats in a gallery of images and words geared toward more telling portraits of the Filipinos as Artists.

The notebooks will be available for sale at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila and the Ayala Museum after the Día del Libro event.

Proceeds from the sale are used to support the CONTEMPORARY FILIPINO ARTISTS book series to be published by DLSUPH.

For inquiries, please contact DLSUPH at 523-4281 or

Cover Artwork "Underwater Seascape" by Kenneth Montegrande


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