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Wellness How To Celebrate Valentine's Day 2021 When You're In A New Relationship

How To Celebrate Valentine's Day 2021 When You're In A New Relationship

How To Celebrate Valentine's Day 2021 When You're In A New Relationship
Photo: Unsplash
By Ryanne Co
By Ryanne Co
January 22, 2021
Being in a new relationship is exciting, but in the context of the current pandemic, not everything can be expected to be as it once was, including Valentine's Day

Time has changed and most everything is different—including love. While some may argue that love is now easier to find (thanks to the convenience of online dating which seems to have become the ersatz apparatus to Cupid's bow), it can also prove difficult when you actually find someone you're interested in—and want more. Those in burgeoning relationships may be torn between the excitement of being with a new partner and the worry of health risks, which are, unfortunately, still a very real part of 2021. 

If you're celebrating Valentine's Day this year with someone new, consider the best way to make the day both special and safe by keeping these in mind. 

Establish Boundaries

One of the most important aspects of any relationship—pandemic or not—is establishing boundaries, especially when you're new to each other. In the context of 2021, this doesn't just mean physical or emotional boundaries, it also means relating what you are and aren't comfortable with in terms of safety. If this means you'd prefer to get tested before getting too close, say so. Most people will usually be happy to comply with boundaries, and if they aren't, then consider whether this is a dealbreaker or not.

Don't feel pressured into doing something you're not comfortable with, especially if it's with a partner you aren't sure you trust just yet. Opening up to an honest conversation will also be a healthy way to practice open communication that will hopefully strengthen the bond that's already there. 

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Be Open

I'm a firm believer that my affaires de cœur are best kept to myself, but the reality is that these days, it's not quite so simple. The decisions we make and the things we do can sometimes affect others through a chain of actions we can neither predict nor (sometimes) control. As such, it's a good idea to be open and honest about expectations and lifestyle choices. Are you seeing each other exclusively? Or are there other people that you or your partner keep in close contact with? Ordinarily, casual dating shouldn't be such a big deal, but with the surge of cases, it's important to be honest, not just about who you're seeing, but how you're feeling as well.

Try Socially Distant Dates

Through the months spent in lockdown, people have learned to be more creative. These days, there's a plethora of socially distant date ideas that everyone can enjoy. There's Netflix party online, Jackbox games, video calls, or even park picnic dates. While socially distant dates may sound like a bit of an oxymoron, it's not a bad idea to try some out this Valentine's Day if you're not completely comfortable with each other just yet. 

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Try A New Love Language

Most people will tell you that there are five love languages: quality time, physical touch, gifts, words of affirmation, and acts of service. If you or your partner are physical touch type of people (but are not comfortable with it at the moment), consider focusing on the other ways to show you care. Gifts are always popular on Valentine's Day, as are socially distanced dates for quality time. Words of affirmation can be very easy to give and acts of service could prove useful to your partner who may be going through a difficult time. In other words, try not to limit your day to physical intimacy, especially if you or your partner aren't completely comfortable with it yet. 




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