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Toys Checklist For Your Car Before Any Road Trip

Checklist For Your Car Before Any Road Trip

Checklist For Your Car Before Any Road Trip
By Gerard Castillo
By Gerard Castillo
March 25, 2019
You really don't want to be stuck on the road with this heat right?

Even if you aren’t in the habit of checking up on the weather, your body may be telling you that summer is now upon us. Yes, the heat and the scorching sun are a clear indication that school is out and it’s time to hit the beaches or that mountain hideaway. Whichever place you’re headed to, whether it’s a long drive or a short road trip, we suggest that you check up on your vehicle. Nothing is worse than being stuck on the side of the road with a steaming radiator or a blown-out tire.  Here are a few essential things to look at before hitting the road:


Check if it has enough charge and won’t die on you. Best to bring the warranty card in case you need to have it replaced while out there.


Are all your lights working? This includes blinkers and interior lights. This is important especially if you are pulling all-day and all-night driving.


Are your engine oil and other fluid levels topped up?


Just like engine oil, is your cooling system in need of water and coolant mix? Are the hoses in good working order without any leaks or cracks? Are those belts tight enough and free of cracks or frays? Make sure you have at least a gallon of water in your trunk to be sure.


Make sure that these are in good condition and that the pads and linings aren’t worn.


Your tires are the only contact patch you have with the road surface. So make sure they are properly inflated and free of cuts and other damage. That being said, always keep a spare tire handy.


Fill up the tank to ensure you won’t run on empty. Running on reserves damages your car more than anything, and you don't want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with miles to go before the next gas station.


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