The Trimmings On Your Tree


November 10, 2017 | BY Isabel Martel Francisco

Pick a colour story for the holiday season and start decorating!

Christmas trees filled with gorgeous trimmings, garlands, and mesmerizing lights have started popping up around the city as December draws near.

The holiday season is truly festive when its decorations are abundant, chic, playful and bright. There are such a variety of designs, styles and options to choose from and think about when deciding on how to best decorate your office, home or party space. This time of year genuinely welcomes creativity, cheer and whimsy, so let your imagination run free!

In order to make sure you have the correct style and Christmas tree to match your personality and interiors alike, we have chosen a few of our favourite motifs which will hopefully inspire you this yuletide season.

Gem tones

Rich gem tones like emerald, ruby or amethyst, make for excellent Christmas colours!

gem-tones-frontgate-6.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Frontgate


This colour story is a classic for the holiday season. For a more luxe feel, go straight for golds and silvers.

gold-frontgate-2.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Frontgate 


Photo: Courtesy of Frontgate

White Christmas

To channel a white Christmas choose a frosted tree or pick mostly white trimmings for a sleek snowy look. Alternatively, pick white trimmings for a sleek, clean look that is equally as festive.

frosted-frontgate-3.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Frontgate

Seeing Red

This is a traditional Christmas palette that is a sure fire way to bring that much sought after festivities energy into your home. A classic red and green tree will evoke homey and warm memories of childhood Christmases.


Photo: Courtesy of Frontgate 

red-3-frontgate1.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Frontgate


Photo: Courtesy of Target

Blue Hues

This is a bolder alternative, which also channels a decadent yuletide ambience.


Photo: Courtesy of Frontgate

Earthy Energy

Earth tones will help to create a rustic ambience which is very relaxing and warm. Touches of plaid also usher in the countryside ambience. 

Pops of Colour

Bring a variety of colours into your tree, in a tasteful manner, by using a variety of ornaments without one overarching colour taking center stage.


Photo: Courtesy of Target


Let the lights work their magic but limiting the garlands and trimmings.

 Cover photo: Courtesy of Frontgate