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Arts CultureCine Argentino 2018 Puts Spotlight On The Complexities Of Human Relationships

Cine Argentino 2018 Puts Spotlight On The Complexities Of Human Relationships

Cine Argentino 2018 Puts Spotlight On The Complexities Of Human Relationships
By Franz Sorilla IV
September 07, 2018
Opening with the 2016 film "Me Casé Con Un Boludo", the Argentine Film Festival is back to showcase quality films until the 10th of September

Cine Argentino, celebrating its fourth year, is now being held at the Cinematheque Centre Manila in partnership with the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP). The spotlight for this year's edition will revolve around relationship on family, friends, acquaintances and dreams that are yet to unfold. 

His Excellency Jose Ureta, Ambassador of Argentina in the Philippines, was ecstatic during the opening last night of the film festival. "Cinema is a very vital instrument for the relationship of the people and also for political and international relations as well as culture and education. Our main purpose here Is to show our [Argentine] cinema and culture," he said.

FDCP Chairperson and CEO Liza Diño-Seguerra shared her excitement for this year's lineup of films in her opening remarks. "I am very proud that every year, the embassy strives for a stronger and more diverse festival, showcasing the best of Argentine cinema," she said. "The richness, diversity, and authenticity of Argentinian culture has always been reflected in their cinema. And it is amazing to see a lot of similarity in both our cultures."

"Me Casé Con Un Boludo" is a 2016 film directed by Juan Taratuto. Valeria Bertuccelli and Adrián Suar play as Florencia and Fabian who fell in love with each other when working as actors on a film set and immediately got married. Florencia realizes that she's fallen in love with an irreparable idiot that she mistook for the film's fictional character. A desperate Fabian asks the film's screenwriter to write a few character notes for him to try and win his wife back.

How would you describe the state of Argentina's film industry today?

Jose Ureta: The industry today is important and significantly growing. We have over 50 film production companies and we had two films that won the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film, The Official Story (1985) and The Secret In Their Eyes (2009).

What do you think are the other topics or genres Argentine filmmakers must also be exploring on today?

JU: I am not an expert in the film industry but in my opinion, we do have everything—social, politics, culture, comedies, romance. The young generation is very open-minded, they try to cover every aspect of the country.

Will there be a chance that Filipino films are showcased as well in Argentina?

JU: I think so, of course. The Philippine Embassy there has to promote it and I will gladly support it. Many Asian films are being shown everywhere and I think there's plenty of room for Filipino films in Argentina. The Argentine people are very open and they like everything most especially when the film tells the truth.

Cine Argentino 2018 will be presenting six films at the Cinematheque Centre Manila until the 10th of September. For more info, you may visit the Facebook page of the Embassy of Argentina in the Philippines.


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