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Homes Must Visit: CWC Interiors & Midcentury Manila Holds An Exhibit Featuring Vintage And Modern Furniture Pieces

Must Visit: CWC Interiors & Midcentury Manila Holds An Exhibit Featuring Vintage And Modern Furniture Pieces

Must Visit: CWC Interiors & Midcentury Manila Holds An Exhibit Featuring Vintage And Modern Furniture Pieces
By Christine Andas
By Christine Andas
November 25, 2020
We headed over to CWC Interiors to see their Iconic & Exotic furniture exhibit after teaming up with Midcentury Manila — and it was a marvellous sight to see for both furniture collectors and enthusiasts of all ages. You can still visit the exhibit until 30 December!

This year, CWC Interiors and Midcentury Manila teamed up to feature 200 iconic and exotic objects at their exhibit. After the auction with Leon Gallery last Saturday, most of the furniture had already been sold.

But when we dropped by for a private tour, some pieces were still waiting to be picked up and given a new home. Which only meant we were fortunate enough to marvel at some of the iconic and exotic pieces displayed among other eye-catching furniture. CWC Interiors and Midcentury Manila's vintage and modern furniture blended together so well that you'd delight yourself just by simply scanning the place.

Funnily, loyal clients felt the same. Charissa Nogar, the product manager at CWC Interiors, shared that some would choose the CWC Interiors store over the mall to saunter around during their leisure time.

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Who wouldn't do the same? The store had a brilliance that was impossible to ignore, even from outside. The ambience is all the more pleasant once you step inside and have a gander at some of the interesting objects featured in CWC Interiors and Midcentury Manila's exhibit.

At CWC Interiors' exhibit, you will find furniture in vibrant hues, different shapes, and sizes. In fact, once you step inside, you'll see a few showcased miniature version of furniture pieces (out of a hundred) designed by renowned artists at the right side of the store. 

One eye-catching showpiece is the 1965 Mini Cooper. With only four of its kind, guests can ogle at the Herman Miller and Paul Smith creation, parked just a few metres from the entrance. The colourful strands on the Mini Cooper is an iconic Paul Smith design which is also conveyed on other objects like the Marshmallow sofa, Eames Compact sofa, and Scholten & Baijings Karimoku stool.

The renowned Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman 670 & 671 were even featured. Designed by Charles & Ray Eames for Herman Miller, the luxury chair is made up of plywood and leather and has been a long-time favourite by many. Another iconic design that can be seen in the exhibit is the fibreglass chair — a timeless style — that varies in colours. Although the design had existed for years, CWC offers brand new ones in different colours.

One of Verner Panton's creations was also a captivating sight, particularly the limited edition Panton Chrome, because of its mirror-like design and curve. Another version of it, the Panton Glow, was also at the exhibit. Although the Panton Glow appeared in plain white with the lights on, it emits a ghostly blue colour at night. After 50 years, Vitra released both designs for only a limited quantity, allowing more people to have a chance at this hauntingly beautiful piece.

Carlo Molino's Gaudi Chair sat high up at the furthermost part of the store. One would think that the alien-like chair was created during the modern era, but this modern design was actually crafted in 1949. It is magnificently a modern design crafted in the olden times.

Studio 65's La Bocca Sofa is another iconic piece found at the exhibit. The lip-shaped sofa in solid red is a playful style to be created in 1972 which only proves why it's been famous after all these years.

More high-end creations from both contemporary and early artists are displayed at the exhibit such as Jean Prouvé and Virgil Abloh's Antony Chair, Isamu Noguchi's Freeform sofa, Hans Olsen's Model 631 Roundette and more. The synergy of vintage and modern items from CWC Interior and Midcentury Manila's exhibit is a compelling sight that both old and new collectors will admire.

After all, sparking a conversation between two generations who admire these designs was the goal. Only recently, CWC and MCM held Members Night, encouraging collectors to express their passion and share their experiences. With the increase in the demand and interest in residential items because of the current times, it is only wise to give people access to such a great furniture collection. This way, new collectors (and even those who are curious) will learn of each piece's story and origin.

Just by tagging along and hearing stories by Charissa and Midcentury Manila's founder Ken Mishuku, you'd discover that each item has meaning, whether it is for personal use or displayed as an art piece. This only shows that each furniture can convey an emotional depth for each individual.


You can purchase a few things at CWC Interiors' gift shop like hand-painted dolls and stools which were creatively crafted. 

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