Desalto 2017 Home Collection


October 13, 2017 | BY Philippine Tatler

Italian furniture brand Desalto brings motion and matter into its 2017 collection

Desalto highlights its evolution through the states of matter—denoting a process of transformation and change where nothing is destroyed nor created. The solid state refers to the technical aspect of the company—concrete and functional applications that translate to the quality of its products. The liquid state is the photographic story of the product, which is constantly redesigned, yet remains faithful to the corporate DNA. Finally, the gaseous state calls on the identity, history, and people comprising the company—leading it to growth and dynamism.

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The Double Me shelf system explores transformation, geometry and movement with the use of different materials, colours, and textures that result to a product with a surprising character. (Designed by Arik Levy 2017)


Path offers a nearly hypnotic appearance of the shapes combined with the overlapping of lines and surfaces that give way to balance and stability. It is Desalto’s new venture into designing lounge armchairs. (Designed by Arik Levy 2017)


Ply is a new design classic produced with ordinary materials like polypropylene, yet boasts unique details and high quality finishes. (Designed by Pocci + Dondoli 2017)


Endless presents a perfect sense of infinity generated by a line aimed at the space. The frame supports a lightly covered seat where every line plays a structural role. (Designed by Arik Levy 2017)


Twister plays on the emotions generated by an optical illusion and by perpetual dynamics that give off the look of continuity. (Designed by Arik Levy 2017)


Mir is an experimental project featuring two aspects: visually, it relates to the mystic balance between the flat mirror and the empty space of the glove compartment, while functionally the frame becomes a flexible support surface. (Designed by Marco Acerbis 2017)


Clay is a sculptural table that highlights harmony by putting together two different volumes—the top and the base—in perfect balance. The model also comes with a mini version, which can be used as a complementary side table. (Designed by Marc Krusin 2015 and 2016)


Element is the perfect embodiment of dynamic balance, suspended between lightness and solidness. (Designed by Tokujin Yoshioka 2013)


Helsinki is a polyhedral table, whose main feature is to project onto any living space for any type of function. (Designed by Caronni + Bonanomi 1995)