Duravit Reinvents The Bathroom Ceramic


September 15, 2017 | BY Philippine Tatler

DuraCeram has highest precision and design versatility

duraceram 1.jpg

Bathroom ceramic is a material with outstanding properties proven for use in homes and public buildings alike. The smooth hygienic surface glaze is extremely robust, easy to clean and scratch- and wear-proof. Bathroom ceramic is also non-allergenic, heat-resistant and lightproof.

For designs calling for extreme accuracy or thinner tiles, however, conventional materials run into problems.

Conventional bathroom ceramic material requires a thickness of 12 to 14 mm to ensure the necessary strength after firing. For finer forms Duravit has developed a new, innovative material called DuraCeram, which is thinner and notable for its extreme accuracy, high strength and elegant finish. In this way, a new dimension in design diversity is achieved: maximum elegance without any sacrifices in terms of quality, robustness and ease of cleaning.

duraceram 2.jpg

Another advantage of DuraCeram is the saving in raw materials and associated reduction in energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions during production, as well as the lighter weight of the end products.

Delicate, gently curving forms, narrow radii and characteristically thin edges are distinctive features of Philippe Starck’s design for the Cape Cod washbasins. In the round and square versions, the taps are mounted on a ceramic platform integrated in the basin. The challenge of precision fitting of the tap is readily overcome with DuraCeram.

duraceram 3.jpg

The innovative material is also used with the elaborate c-bonded technology, by which the furniture washbasin is joined seamlessly with the vanity unit. Thanks to the accurate and precise-fitting connecting technology, ceramic and furniture merge to form a single unit. This visual and tactile sensation is made possible by the quality of the new DuraCeram® material, which is thin enough to overcome the problem of minimal washbasin measurement tolerances.

In the Philippines, Duravit is distributed by Kuysen Enterprises. (website here).