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Wellness 5 Easy Home Workout Routines To Help You Lose Weight Fast

5 Easy Home Workout Routines To Help You Lose Weight Fast

5 Easy Home Workout Routines To Help You Lose Weight Fast
Photo: Unsplash
By Christine Andas
By Christine Andas
March 19, 2021
Work out at home and achieve your body goals this summer! No equipment necessary.

Diet, sleep, and exercise are the keys to achieving your body goals. But instead of hitting the gym, stay home and try these super easy workout routines—without equipment—and find yourself ready to don your outfit just in time for summer.

1/5 Easy Standing Workout


This easy workout doesn't require you to hold difficult positions for so long. All you need to do is follow these simple movements involving your hands and legs—all while standing. You don't even have to feel guilty for taking a pause. You can do this routine at your own pace. Simply reach, lift, and pump.

2/5 Dance Your Calories Away


Everyone loves Zumba because nothing beats workout routines with music. What makes this choreographed workout easy is your favourite song playing in the background that gets you fired up, making you forget about that three-minute mark. Others even play 15-minute playlists to workout to. You can join MadFit on YouTube either for three-minute or 15-minute dance parties to make working out a whole lot more fun.

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3/5 Ultimate Lazy Workout Without Jumping

Photo: YouTube
Photo: YouTube

Some people might have the motivation to work out, but not motivated enough to jump or jog in place. While many routines require big movements, this Lazy Girl Workout by YouTuber Vicky Justiz only requires you to stay on the floor. Even so, you'll be burning calories and working out most parts of the body including the back and core. With only 10 exercises and five-second rests, you'll still be seeing results.

4/5 Easy Ab Workout


Getting abs does not have to be so difficult. Simply lie on your back, reach, and lift—that is all the movements you'll need to practise at home to work out your core. This exercise routine comprises of different types of crunches that are absolutely easy to do.

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5/5 Standing Abs Workout


Other than lying on your back doing crunches, there are other easy ways to work out your core. If you hate crunches, try out this ab challenge that consists mostly of standing exercises. It really does the job—helps you lose a couple of inches—if you really stick to the routine for at least less than two weeks.


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