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Toys Father's Day 2020: The Best Unique and Thoughtful Gifts You Can Find Online

Father's Day 2020: The Best Unique and Thoughtful Gifts You Can Find Online

Father's Day 2020: The Best Unique and Thoughtful Gifts You Can Find Online
Coffee Mug + Warmer
By Dorynna Untivero
By Dorynna Untivero
June 15, 2020
With social distancing rules still in place, Father's Day celebrations might be a little bit more intimate this year. We round-up some exciting gift ideas to cheer your dad up even while celebrating at home!

1/14 Coursera

With the whole world still coping with stay at home orders from their respective governments, many have turned to online learning. In case you’ve heard your dad or husband express interest in this endeavour, a unique Father’s Day gift may be a course enrolment from one of the top online learning platforms worldwide, Coursera. Here, they offer certificate courses and even master’s degrees subsidised by top universities in the United States. American musician BB King once said, “the beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.” Treat your dad to a fun learning experience online! 

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2/14 Xbox

Add a little bit of fun and competition to home living by getting your dad an Xbox! It's a gift that can be shared by the family and is worth every penny. Add some slick accessories like the wireless controller in camo or an adapter for Windows to amp up your gaming environment with PC accessibilities. Don’t forget to throw in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to test out its latest event: warzone—a 150-player battle royale that will surely test one's gaming skills and tactics!

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3/14 Collectible Pen

If your dad is a big fan of The Beatles, this Great Characters Special Edition Ballpoint from Montblanc is a thoughtful gift he’ll surely love. The pen’s cone is inspired by the button of the mixing table at the famous Abbey Road studios while the colourful stripes pay tribute to the band’s iconic costumes feature on the album cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Throw in a classic fine stationary notebook to complete the set! 

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4/14 Electric Shaver + Grooming Kit

If you’re looking for a utilitarian yet still thoughtful gift, this electric shaver from Philips is a great addition to any dad’s grooming kit — especially one that’s on-the-go! Cordless and may be used wet or dry, this gadget will definitely cut shaving time in half. 

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5/14 Leica Camera

Is your dad a fan of photography? Enthusiasts and professionals alike have always been strong advocates of the Leica brand. It boasts the perfect camera for those who are always on-the-go: the Leica CL. Small and compact but packs a punch when it comes to specs and performance, this camera is handy enough for daily use. For any parent, family moments are treasures best captured and fondly remembered. 

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6/14 Apple iPad Pro

Staying online and plugged in has never been more important so how about an Apple iPad Pro for Father's Day? Surprise your dad with a techie gift that will surely lend ease and organisation to his daily routine. Not to mention, Zoom calls and meetings with either workmates or family members will be even more enjoyable (as opposed to hosting it on smaller mobile screens). This Pro version boasts top-of-the-line features that include an 11-inch edge-to-edge display with no home button giving the user more screen space to enjoy the latest Netflix or Amazon Prime flicks!

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7/14 Coffee Mug with Warmer

Any coffee lover will definitely enjoy this new go-to morning accessory! Ever hated how your cup of joe loses its heat too quickly? This modern-looking mug comes with a special charger that uses magnetic induction energy to heat up the metallic layering on the bottom of the coffee mug. Your morning beverage of choice is kept toasty, keeping the temperature around 57 degrees celsius and, better yet, the warming base doubles as a wireless cellphone charger. A truly unique and purposeful gift! 

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8/14 Fitbit Versa 2

If your dad is looking to amp up or monitor his fitness regime, get him a Fitbit asap! As one of the leading smart watch brands, the Fitbit has Amazon Alexa built-in, heart rate tracking, sleep score, and smartphone notifications. It's also built for those who employ an active lifestyle so it is swimproof and even has guided breathing sessions to help you relax after a long day. 

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9/14 A Turntable

This classic portable turntable is updated for the digital age with built-in Bluetooth compatibility and USB outs for ripping vinyl into digital files. Plus, its dynamic full-range speakers with built-in pitch control make it easy to set up and drop the needle into those grooves you're dying to hear. This turntable by Crosley is the perfect unique pick for music-loving fathers out there! 

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10/14 Trading Lessons

For the business savvy dad, a brush-up on investing courses (Forex or stocks) will definitely go a long way. Knightbridge Academy offers bundle courses online that are tailored for different levels which even include official accreditations—not bad when amping up one's resume! 

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11/14 Cufflinks

Cufflinks may strike some as old-fashioned but they are the perfect gift for the dapper gentleman in your life. These Carrera Y Carrera cufflinks are decadent yet classic at the same time—a great addition to his wardrobe. 

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12/14 Wireless Earphones

The stay-at-home dad will definitely be lost without his very own pair of noise-cancelling earphones. When that Zoom meeting comes on, it's a must to appear professional despite being nestled in one's house. These wireless earphones by Bang & Olufsen are sleek and offer amazing sound quality. With impressive touch control, getting used to it can be quite effortless. 

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13/14 Training Gear

As we all know, home workouts have been popular as we all go under respective quarantine guidelines. If your dad is one that likes to stay fit and active, treat him to an assortment of fitness gear! From training gloves, sneakers, or tanks and shorts—a curated gym set may prove to be very thoughtful! Put together three to five pieces your dad will surely love. 

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14/14 A brooch from Jewelmer

Pamana brooch by Jewelmer | in photo: pearl from Pinctada maxima
Pamana brooch by Jewelmer | in photo: pearl from Pinctada maxima

This brooch from Jewelmer is the quintessential gift for the nationalistic dad. Boasting beautiful design and our national gem, the South Sea pearl, this piece is both a cultural statement and sophisticated accessory he can add to any number of ensembles. 

Find it online here:




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