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October 21, 2016 | BY Isabel Martel Francisco

Find out how these fit mums, Kathy Yap-Huang, Georgia Shulze-Del Rosario, Tootsy Angara, Alexandra Rocha Araneta, Bianca Gonzalez Intal and Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez maintained their figures during and after pregnancy. 

Are you ever curious about how some new mothers are able to get right back into shape… and stay in shape too? These six stunning ladies are fitspirations for mothers and non mothers alike, with figures worth talking about. Kathy Yap-Huang, Georgia Shulze-Del Rosario, Tootsy Angara, Alexandra Rocha Araneta,  Bianca Gonzalez Intal and Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez share their pregnancy stories, workout routines and advice for other mums with Tatler. Take a look!



Kathy is full of life, a wanderlust, and a major foodie. She works full time, but manages to be very hands on with her children and family. 

1) What did you do during pregnancy to avoid gaining excess baby weight?

I had a delicate pregnancy with my son. I was on bed rest for a while. I gained 70 pounds, which is around double what doctors recommend. With my first child, my daughter, I was scared and overly careful, so I did not do any exercise either. The fitness came after I finished breastfeeding and it took over a year for both children. When I was ready, after the breastfeeding and back into a routine, I was able to start working in an exercise regimen.

  • 2) What is your typical or favourite workout or fitness regimen?

 I work out 6 times a week, no excuses. I love being active and pushing myself. I do pilates, barre 3, spin, and boxing/muay thai. Out of all, my favourite is the muay thai. Not only is it a good workout, but it is also very cathartic. I take out my frustrations on the mitts.

  • 3) Tips on eating healthy post pregnancy?
  • I eat what I feel when I feel like it. I enjoy food a lot, and anyone that knows me can attest I eat enough for 3 people. I am physically incapable of dieting. So to compensate I do intense workouts. Just do what makes you happy. Don't deny yourself if it makes you grumpy. A happy mum is a good mum.

 4) Advice for other mums? 

Be kind to yourself. Things don't happen overnight, so slow and steady. Everyone’s body reacts differently so do what works for you. Just listen to what your body is telling you and know that its absolutely possible to get into shape.



Tootsy is the Cluster Head for ABS-CBN Sales but in her spare time she loves promoting our vibrant local culture, supporting her husband's work with the government and spending quality time with her children.

1) What did you do during pregnancy to avoid gaining excess baby weight?

I learned my lesson the hard way… during my first baby I gave in to all my cravings and was a complete couch potato.. gained 40 pounds and took 6 months to get back to normal. With my 2nd and 3rd babies I ate only protein, veggies and a little bit of carbs.. thought to myself: every piece of cake or chocolate goes straight to my hips, not the baby gained only about 25 pounds, breastfed for 10 months and was back to normal in 2 months

2) What is your typical or favourite workout or fitness regimen?

Love RedCord!! Anything that stretches and lengthens. I like zumba too... no matter how awkward I look dancing its always a lot of fun!

3) Tips on eating healthy post pregnancy?

If you breastfeed you can pretty much eat whatever you want.. just dont go overboard with the doughnuts or Cheetos!!

  • 4) Advice for other mums?

 Enjoy being pregnant and enjoy being a mum.. dont be too hard  on yourself.. . love yourself..  and your babies will feel the joy in your heart and gratitude in your soul.. and trust they will turn out to be good citizens of the world!



Xandra hosts a television show about her two passions, food and travel, blogs and is in fact trained in Culinary Arts. Despite all this, she is able to keep very fit and find the time to bond with family. 

1) What did you do during pregnancy to avoid gaining excess baby weight?

To be honest, I didn't find it difficult to avoid gaining weight. I ate lots of small meals throughout the day to keep my energy levels up. I found it difficult to eat massive meals since there wasn't much room for my stomach to expand. Having lots of small healthy snacks and meals throughout the day was what felt right for me. 

Luckily I was craving clean, fresh, and healthy food! Plus my tastebuds changed so I couldn't stand anything fried! Just the smell of the oil would make me feel nauseous! I enjoyed Greek food the most. I loved grilled lamb and veggies. Or avocados drizzled with a bit of extra virgin olive oil, a squeeze of lemon juice and fresh juicy tomatoes. Poached eggs with quinoa made me happy too. When I would crave sweets I would look forward to yogurt, cereal with milk and chopped fruits and berries, or toast with some jam and butter or honey. 

I feel it also has a lot to do with genes. My mum didn't gain extra baby weight other than the healthy recommended amount, and she lost it all all most instantly after giving birth. I suppose I'm lucky I got her genes! 

  • 2) What is your typical or favourite workout or fitness regimen?

Recently I've just been doing quick 30-45 minute gym workouts with my husband as my personal trainer.  Other than that, I have always loved pilates sessions at Vivian Zapanta Pilates Studio, and Plana Forma. 

I also love incorporating workouts into everyday mundane activities. A little bit everyday goes a long way! Things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, doing a set of squats while brushing your teeth, or doing calve dips while cooking are all little things that add up. 

 3) Tips on eating healthy post pregnancy?

That's a tough one. My raging breast feeding appetite is really crazy! A lot of times I want a huge greasy burger with fries on the side! It's easier to get away with eating fatty food post pregnancy because all the calories come right out into the milk since I'm still breast feeding. I try my best to eat home cooked food as much as possible and try to keep a good balance of meat, veggies, and carbs. If I indulge in something greasy and fatty I try and counter it with a nice green salad and brightly colored vegetables. It's really about balance. I don't believe in depriving myself, I just try to make the better choice when it comes to food and sweets.

  • 4) Advice for other mums?

Don't feel pressured by other mums. Don't compare and don't judge others if they do things different from you. Respect everyone's way of doing things, as everyone should respect your way. Motherhood is a very special journey; unique to each individual. Do what feels right for YOU! Time goes by so fast, just relish every moment.



Georgia is a mother to four lovely daughters. She just gave birth to her fourth, a couple of months ago and looked beach ready in no time. Working in publishing and also writing a food and travel blog, she definitely has her hands full, but always puts family first. 

1) What did you do during pregnancy to avoid gaining excess baby weight?

To be honest, being pregnant is my "excuse" to let go and treat myself so I eat what I want. Anything from burgers and fries to a plate of carbs to a hearty salad and a lot of rice. What I do avoid are sugary drinks. Unless it's a fresh squeezed juice, I won't have it. More than for the fat content, it's just really unhealthy. I pretty much drink just water throughout, and a lot of it.

2) What is your typical or favourite workout or fitness regimen? 

Any form of exercise I do has to be done outdoors. I'm not a fan of the gym. I like to run, dance and I love to play tennis. I can't say I do any of this regularly or with a set schedule, but I try to get a little bit in a week. I do try to remain active in general, opting to walk or climb the stairs instead of ride or carrying my baby instead of strolling her. 

3) Tips on eating healthy post pregnancy?

Because I breastfeed, I think I eat even more after I give birth! But I lose weight because the feeding helps me burn a lot of calories. I love fruit and vegetables though so my diet is well balanced naturally. I think feeding mums want their milk to be the best it can be so they make sure to eat right in general. But that being said, I'm not one to turn tacos, chicken wings and ice cream. It's all about balance.

4) Advice for other mums?

My only advice is everything in moderation. I've lived by this since before I became a mum and it's worked for my body. As much as it is good for you physically, it is also good for your mental health - a happy and content woman makes for a better mum. 



(photo by Mayad Beginnings and Rain Dagala, respectively)

From hosting several television shows, to becoming a published author, Bianca is one dynamic lady who spends time with her family, no matter what. 

1) What did you do during pregnancy to avoid gaining excess baby weight?

I worked out while pregnant but it wasn't really to avoid excess weight, it was to stay strong and fit while pregnant. My OB advised me that if my body is used to working out (and working), that I should continue doing so even when pregnant. She said that I actually need to keep working out to be strong enough to carry my growing belly, to be strong enough to push during labor, and to recover quicker after. All of which happened.

2) What is your typical or favourite workout or fitness regimen?

I have been taking pilates for around 6 years now, and continued so when I was pregnant, but the pre natal kind. I would also swim for cardio. I had so much more time to exercise before the baby, now all my time is between baby and work! And carrying baby and playtime is honestly a workout!

3) Tips on eating healthy post pregnancy?

I am not the best example for this because I "rewarded" myself with food that I craved for post pregnancy. Not always healthy, a lot of times oily or sweet. I do eat a lot of protein and vegetables as much as I can, to help with lactation, since my baby is still purely breastfed. 

4) Advice for other mums?

As long as you do not have a delicate pregnancy and your OB gives you the go signal, I am a great believer in working out while pregnant! Even post pregnancy! It will make you feel healthier, happier, and it will de stress you.



This style icon, fashion designer, loving wife and mother of two shares her story and tips with us. 

1) What did you do during pregnancy to avoid gaining excess baby weight?

My OB told me that I only needed to gain a healthy 25-27 pounds to properly feed the baby so I just followed that instead of listening to the famous "You can eat anything you want, you're pregnant!" I exercise more when I'm pregnant than when I'm not and make it a conscious effort to eat healthy during the week and indulge only on the weekends.

  • 2) What is your typical or favourite workout or fitness regimen?

I exercised 4-5 times a week when pregnant, usually a mix of elliptical and swimming. When I am not pregnant I love to run, and do Core Kinesis. 

 3) Tips on eating healthy post pregnancy?

It's quite difficult and almost impossible for me to diet post pregnancy since I breastfeed for almost a year and I'm sure other mums can relate that the hunger felt during that period is just carnal! I can easily eat more than my hubby when feeding haha! Over time, I've learned to keep snacking on healthy food and just eliminate the sweets.

4) Advice for other mums?

I loved exercising and keeping active during my pregnancy. I really looked for the endorphin rush and refused to give in to the feeling of being so sleepy and lethargic the first few weeks. This is a great habit that will not only benefit you but the baby as well and help you during the long hours of labor.

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