Fitness Focus: Boxing With Coach Rob


August 3, 2017 | BY Dorynna Untivero

We talk to Rob Brewin, owner and CEO of Empire Boxing, about what it takes to maintain a lifestyle of health and fitness


When you drop by for a session at Empire Boxing, you’ll inevitably notice an energetic man circling around, correcting form, and instructing trainees and coaches alike – this is Rob Brewin. A former USA Amateur Boxer, team instructor,  and Division II Baseball Player, Brewin now takes the role of coach and owner of Empire Boxing. His demeanor is very contagious, as the rest of the gym feels very welcoming, fun-loving, yet serious in its craft and sport. 


 White Collar Fight Night

EB2.jpgA typical evening at Empire Makati HQ

Empire Boxing prides itself in their passion for fitness and their hospitable attitude to novices. Whether you’re there to train hard for a match, lose weight, get lean, or simply learn the sport – it’s definitely a place that will welcome you with open arms.

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Rico Atienza and Coach Rob

For this Fitness Focus feature, we talk to Coach Rob about working out, why he put up his own boxing gym, and what he can advise to people who are looking to get into fitness.

Philippine Tatler: What is it about boxing do you love the most? 

Rob Brewin: People call it the Sweet Science: the movement, balance, delicate intricacies that only a few see – all fronted by brutal imagery, hard core culture and what have you. However, every aspect about it is absolute science. I happened to come upon this interpretation of physics, and both the physical and mental respects drew me in.

PT: Were you always into fitness?

RB: Absolutely. Having to grow up with ADHD and Dyslexia, I had to be physically fit, commit myself to health. Fitness and sports not just became a lifestyle but simply the way things are around me. Fitness, that's my centre right there.

PT: Besides boxing, what other workouts do you subscribe to?

RB: You might need another page! I enjoy grappling, combat arts, swimming, indoor rock climbing and bouldering, Muay Thai on occasion. Skating. I love to skate, and I believe playing the drums is cardio. 

PT: Why did you decide to put up your own boxing gym?

RB: I wanted to give back. The sport has given me so much, given me an education, enduring friendships, lessons I carry through life, people with just so much wisdom. It's overwhelming, and the best way to express my love and gratitude for Boxing is to share it with others, no matter the end goal. I want to give people an experience, not just a billboard workout, you know? I want it all to have meaning. I want people to be happy. I want to create jobs for fellow boxers.



PT: Why is fitness and health important to you?

RB: They aren't just important because they are my core. A healthy life means quality experiences. I mean life is so beautiful, you would want to experience it well.

PT: Do you follow a diet regimen?

RB: Yes, I do and no, I don't! On a normal day, I eat clean; that's most of the week. Then I would grab a burger –no guilt. I'd just go right back on my high protein, high fibre, low sugar, high fat (no trans fat) diet. I like keeping things simple.


PT: Tips and advise for those who want to lose weight or begin a change in lifestyle?

RB: You can do it –but only if you want it. You have to want it so bad you'll cast away your own demons. Cut to the chase and start eating healthy, quit smoking, and head to the gym, hopefully ours, haha! But it's a commitment. Before results there must be desire. You have to want health and you will be.


All photos from Empire Boxing Facebook  | For more information on Coach Rob or Empire Boxing, you may drop by at their main branch located at the 2nd Floor, PT&T Bldg (Plantation at G/F), C. Palanca St, Legaspi Village, Makati, follow them on Instagram, or visit their website.


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