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Wellness Five Must-Have Online Tools To Help You Avoid WFH Burnout

Five Must-Have Online Tools To Help You Avoid WFH Burnout

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By Relaxnews
October 15, 2020
When pressures from work and other responsibilities are too intense and start impeding on your personal life, especially in this time when working from home can add to stresses, the risk of mental exhaustion looms large. Fortunately, many online services and mobile applications exist to analyze the situation and offer tips to avoid a breakdown.

Risk Assessment

If you are really nervous and exhausted, take two minutes to take this test. With ten assertions like "I find it difficult to relax after a day of work," or "I feel less and less connected and engaged with the work I do," the app allows you to personally evaluate your level of stress and get a burnout index.

Discover Burnout Index.

Time Management

Do you know the "Doropomo" technique of work time management? It reverses the "Pomodoro" technique and its 25 minutes of work followed by short five-minute resting periods. The Doropomo technique starts with 25 minutes of relaxation followed by a five-minute work time, then longer work time slots between 15 and 20 minutes can be added. This technique takes a novel approach to professional productivity and aims to help you to stay focused all day to avoid professional burnout.

Discover the Doropomo method.

Trust An AI Well-being Assistant

This application offers a multitude of tips and activities depending on your mood and wishes, whether you want to focus on better health, improving your relationships or getting organized. It acts like a personal coach that reminds you of your objectives and proposes new activities. With this AI coach, your work days should feel lighter.

Download the Grow application (iOS only).

Share Your Thoughts And Insecurities

Project Trill was developed as a safe place to express your thoughts without being judged. Unlike conventional social networks, it favors sharing and caring anonymously without the aggression and trolling often seen on Twitter and Facebook.

Discover Trill.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

In order to reduce your stress, a variety of breathing techniques exist.  Based on soothing methods from Pranayama, Sufi and Tibetan practises, each technique in this application is detailed and explained, with practical tips and simple exercises. Only 7-15 minutes a day can entail quick results on your mood and well-being.

Download the Prana Breath app (Android only).V


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