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Homes A Look At Flexform's Flagship Store In The Philippines

A Look At Flexform's Flagship Store In The Philippines

A Look At Flexform's Flagship Store In The Philippines
By Philippine Tatler
October 06, 2017
Flexform finds its first home in the Philippines, in the heart of Makati; read on to see the beautiful pieces and the new building designed by Architect, Ed Calma.

22281358_10155829033896096_12560298_o.jpgBuilding Showroom at Nicanor Garcia

Flexform is a furniture brand that specializes in its own philosophy and own style. Flexform is one of the most coherent brands of today, because the focus of the designs are continually refined, it is elegant, and is never exaggerated.



Pietro Galimberti

Flexform was founded in the furniture manufacturing district of Brianza, in Northern Italy. In 1959 the Galimberti brothers started a crafts workshop, which they called “Flexform di Galimberti.”

70.JPGGiuliano Galimberti

71.jpgMatteo Galimberti

They opened their first street front showroom, displaying sofas and armchairs in the postwar era, with their pieces finding they way into elegant buildings in Milan, villas overlooking Lake Como, and even the foyer of Teatro alla Scala.  Intuition prompted the family to work with the leading designers of the time- the likes of Joe Colombo, Asnago-Vender, Cini Boeri, Rodolfo Bonetto and the young architect Antonio Citterio.  




Flexform’s expertise in the production of finely crafted sofas and furnishings, its innate focus on design culture, and it’s history of outstanding collaborations with the best designers and talent brought the brand its distinction.  Their pieces,  crafted with the best materials and the most advanced manufacturing techniques, are made to last in time.


"Clients sometimes ask us to replace the covering of a sofa more than twenty years after its purchase. The structure is still solid. And the image never goes out of style."


DESIGN 28.jpg

Piano Bed

Flexform  does not follow trends and does its own way. They offer their client longevity in terms of aesthetic design and quality. The brand utilises the best quality materials needed to make a furniture piece. While times and lifestyle may change, Flexform’s philosophy rests on the idea of timeless style and centres on comfort and quality of a furniture piece.


Adda Sofa by Antonio Citterio; Tosca Armchair by Antonio Citterio;  Zefiro Tavolini by Antonio Citterio 

Flexform intends to meet different tastes and different ideas of how to live in one’s home nowadays. The market is constantly evolving and has a very high understanding for utmost quality and timeless design. Flexform is able to cater to this market as the brand pioneers that sets the trend in the industry.



11.jpg Flexform  offers a large collection of home furnishings focusing on areas of the home – like the living room, the dining room and the bedroom.  Even with a wide range of options, Flexform keeps their design constant, timeless and elegant.

“A Flexform sofa is like a blue blazer in the world of clothing: simple, deconstructed, refined down to the smallest details. Flexform represents a piece of history in the world of designer furnishings in Italy, and the appeal of our timeless products will survive for a long time, oblivious to passing fashions.”


The Flexform look is definitely an investment. The design of Flexform can withstand the test of time, and with proper care & handling, it is quality that will absolutely endure.


Flexform Showroom is located at 215 Nicanor Garcia St. Bel Air 2 Makati City




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