Gavel & Block by Salcedo Auctions


July 12, 2017 | BY Isabel Martel Francisco

Learn all about this new arm of Salcedo Auctions that is geared towards a contemporary market.

the-team.jpgL-R: Green Sun’s Kevin Lim Tan, Salcedo Auctions’ Karen and Richie Lerma and The Gourmand Market’s Dara David-Roa, Dong Ronquillo and Trish Panlilio

What is Salcedo Auctions?

Salcedo Auctions, one of the country’s premier auction houses. They are led and guided by very respected individuals in Philippine art and business world.

What is Gavel & Block?

gavelandblock.jpg“Gavel & Block is for a progressive audience that appreciates art and design across all forms and media.” – Richie Lerma, co-owner and adviser of Salcedo Auctions

Salcedo Auctions enters new territory with the launch of its subsidiary brand Gavel & Block! This initiative is all about embracing all art forms, featuring exciting art from varying disciplines and will produce quarterly themed sales.

“Gavel & Block is contemporary as it responds to people's thoughts and desires in the here and now. Great art of any form can be featured with us. Gavel & Block is accessible because we want to expand the experience of auctions to a wider audience, educating while developing sensibilities at the same time.” – Richie Lerma

What differentiates Gavel & Block from the principal Salcedo Auctions? 

"Salcedo Auctions remains as the umbrella brand and maintains the following pillars: 'Important Philippine Art,' 'Fine Jewelry & Timepieces,' 'Connoisseur Collection' and 'Rare Automobiles' which are devoted to very rare and historically significant collectibles.

Gavel & Block, for its part, enjoys the backing of Salcedo Auctions, presenting a more diverse collection of art, furniture, decor, and design across a range of styles and periods, to style-savvy individuals - collectors, hobbyists, decorators alike - who expect objects that are - as can be expected from a brand that carries the Salcedo Auctions name - out of the ordinary." - Richie Lerma 

The Debut


Gavel & Block by Salcedo Auctions will be launch by hosting its first event called ‘Editions’! This will be in collaboration with foodie hot spot, The Gourmand Market by Dara David-Roa, Dong Ronquillo and Trish Panlilio, and event space Green Sun. The Gourmand Market is a specialty pop-up market selling unique culinary finds and local goodies. The culinary world is its own art form, which is equally as rich and compelling as its traditional counterparts. With "Editions", Gavel & Block is able to spotlight all kinds of art. 


“Accessibility means being able to reach diverse individuals at their nodes of interest. Food is a great reason to go out, socialize, and have a sensory experience that can be shared. So is the viewing of art; so I thought that gastronomy and visual art naturally complement one another.” – Richie Lerma 

‘Editions,’ will show a variety of art from multiple originals, original fine prints, ceramics, and sculptures by local and international masters such as Mauro Malang Santos, Jose Joya, BenCab, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Victor Vasarely.

This concept and event is one of the first of its kind in the country. It is innovative and immersive event, birthed from a shared passion in enriching the local cultural and art scene. With Editions, Salcedo Auctions will highlight the many culinary wonders and aesthetic sensibilities of the Philippines, bringing together art in every sense of the word. 

“As industry pioneers, we have always considered ourselves as innovators and catalysts – building and engaging new audiences - and Gavel & Block is the perfect manifestation of this,” say Richie and Karen Lerma of Salcedo Auctions.

When and Where?

"Editions" will be at The Axon in Green Sun starting July 28 and running until July 30. However the auction will be on Saturday, 29 July at 2pm so keep an eye out! Gavel & Block also wants to enrich the art scene in the country by educating people, thus a printmaking demonstration highlighting its many intricacies will also happen during "Editions". Are you excited? We sure are! 

A weeklong preview of  ‘Editions’ will also be held at the Salcedo Auctions main sale room at Three Salcedo Place, 121 Tordesillas St., Salcedo Village, Makati City, from Thursday, 20 July to Wednesday, 26 July. 

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