7 Healthy Meal Plans To Help You Get Ready For #PhilTatlerBall2017


October 30, 2017 | BY Philippine Tatler

We round up some of the best meal delivery services around the metro! Make sure you're in tip-top shape for this year's #PhilTatlerBall with these delicious and healthy dishes:


Many people often opt to adopt a healthier diet when a big event is coming up. However, you don't need to sacrifice taste and culinary adventure to get a lean body! Some of the more famous fitness gurus have been known to abide by the 80-20 rule --  restrain and indulge accordingly. When embarking on a new diet plan, it is wise to take it easy and take on what you can. You don't need to go from Mcdonald's to nothing but quinoa in two seconds! Enjoy a bit of breathing room and find a meal plan that will work for you and hopefully one that you will be able to maintain in the long run.

Read on to find out some of the ideas you can try as you get ready for this year's most-awaited Tatler Ball: 

The Happy Diet delivery offers a variety of meal plans that incorporate a wide range of main dishes. Not to mention, their packages start at PHP500 a day,  with 3 meals and 2 snacks (inclusive of delivery) -- talk about value for your money!


The Healthy House encourages you to take your healthy living from "sometimes " to your pemanent lifestyle. Their website even has a quick questionnaire (weight-calorie calculator) to help you find out what meal plan will best suit your needs. When you call, their in-house advisers can enlighten you a bit more with how to kickstart your healthy lifestyle. 


Fitness Gourmet advises us to add a bit more protein into our diets. Avoid that extra bread basket and go with a healthy dose of veggies or high protein sides like brocolli or tofu.  

How about this spirulina smoothie bowl  to take the edge off? One of the concoctions by The Healthy Grocery, this colourful snack its not only gorgeous to look at it also packs a punch of vitamins and fibre!

Speaking of fibre, indulge in this glass of Oats and Chia pudding! Dear Diet offers a ton of weight loss plans which doesn't necessarily cut out dessert, a great option for the sweetooths out there!


Enjoy this Asian Salad from Delicious Diet to get your seafood fix!  Choose your meals prepared by their in-house chef and dietician that are design to pack flavour with the right amount of calories tailored to your body type. 

Fancy a make-your-own pizza experience? The Sexy Chef does away with your worry for too much carbs with this 6-option pizza set with a net calorie count for each. Be indulgent without the guilt!