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Arts Culture How To Tackle Art Fair 2018

How To Tackle Art Fair 2018

How To Tackle Art Fair 2018
By Isabel Martel Francisco
February 28, 2018
Here are some Tatler Tips on how best to approach this year's #ArtFairPh

What is Art Fair? It is a collaborative effort that began in 2013. It was founded with the intention to make art more accessible to Filipinos, and to bring art to the forefront in the country. It acts as a platform for artists to exhibit their work and for audiences to fully immerse and appreciate visual arts produced by local and foreign talents.

Art Fair 2018 opens from March 1-4 and is a must see. We took a sneak peak during the collector’s preview and are so impressed with the amount of talent on display.

1/10 Do your research

Weegee's Photographs on display
Weegee's Photographs on display

If you only have a couple of hours to spare, research which artists are exhibiting and map out a game plan of where you would like to go. There are also several programs or talks that are going to happen during Art Fair, so make sure to plan your trip accordingly!

2/10 Go floor by floor

WW3-the Protracted Kultur War by Kidlat Tahimik
WW3-the Protracted Kultur War by Kidlat Tahimik

Art fair was carefully curated by experts, in a specific manner. Go from booth to booth and floor by floor to fully absorb the full experience in the way that it was intended.

3/10 Read!

Mental Asylum Photographs
Mental Asylum Photographs

Make sure to read what each booth has on display, be it descriptions by art galleries, curators or artists – they have written these explanations for a reason. Take the time to read what they have to say in order to best appreciate the art.

4/10 Do not be afraid to ask questions

There are representatives from galleries, curators, and the artists themselves milling about ready to have a chat with you! Do not be shy to ask questions about the gallery or the works on display. Art is meant to be discussed and analysed so, have a go!

5/10 Talk to the artists

Spotted: Benedicto Cabrera and Annie Sarthou
Spotted: Benedicto Cabrera and Annie Sarthou

Do not be afraid to introduce yourself to the artists. They are more than happy to discuss their works, inspirations and to simply see what you think of the exhibit.

6/10 Wear comfortable shoes

There are 4 floors of art which means a lot of walking!

7/10 Respect the art

Never touch, bump into or spill anything on the art!

8/10 No flash

Do not use flash photography please. Harsh lighting can damage certain types of artwork.

9/10 Eat

Eat and drink away from the art. There is a roof deck where you can buy refreshments and also several stalls on different floors for you to grab a bite or two.

10/10 Get inspired

Nilo Ilarde's Parking Lot
Nilo Ilarde's Parking Lot

If you are an artist, a businessman, a journalist or even a doctor, take this time to simply appreciate this great variety of talent. Be inspired in whatever it is you do. From different aspects of your daily live and endeavors, like decorating your house or office, choosing a new travel destination, picking a book or even changing the way that you see the world – let the exhibits at Art Fair ignite your imagination and spark your curiosities.



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