Jewelmer Celebrates Women's Strength with the ICANSERVE Foundation


September 15, 2017 | BY Philippine Tatler

The ICANSERVE Foundation will be having its third annual fundraising fashion show with Jewelmer Joaillerie

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In honour of women's strength and unwavering spirit, Jewelmer partners with the ICANSERVE Foundation, advocate of breast cancer awareness, by unveiling its special edition "Why We Fight" bracelet at the foundation's third annual fundraising fashion show.

Entitled as "FASHIONCANSERVE", the show will be featuring the works of six celebrated local designers: Mia Arcenas, JC Buendia, Ito Curata, Vania Romoff, Cary Santiago, and Rosenthal Tee. Moreover, their muses will be gracing the runway not only donning the creations of the designers but will also walk hand in hand with their children, and the people who inspire them to fight on.

ST_DSC0656 copy.jpgMia Arcenas

ST_DSC0698 copy.jpgCandice Adea

ST_DSC0662 copy.JPGAnna Oposa

ST_DSC0692 copy.jpgWynn Wynn Ong

Untitled.jpgLilibeth Perfecto-Destura

Jewelmer simultaneously gathers five influential personalities to launch a campaign as a tribute to women’s unyielding spirit. Fashion designer Mia Arcenas, principal ballerina Candice Adea, environmental advocate Anna Oposa, jewelry designer Wynn Wynn Ong, and Jewelmer’s pearl technician fighting cancer Lilibeth Perfecto-Destura, come together in a video, echoing what many women in history have long fought for: passion, freedom, empowerment, and life.

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With this partnership, Jewelmer champions a universal cause: the fight for life. The "Why We Fight" bracelet symbolises the inexhaustible beauty existing in nature and the unbreakable stregnth intrinsic in all women. Parts of the proceeds from the bracelet sales will be donated to the foundation, to fund nationwide initiatives and community-based screening programs. 

The FASHIONCANSERVE fundraising fashion show will be on October 8.

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