Kaldewei: Over 60 Years Of Shower Expertise


August 31, 2017 | BY Philippine Tatler

Find out how Kaldewei has revolutionised showers in its existence

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In 1956, Kaldewei produced the first steel enamel shower. Today, the company offers over 50,000 product versions, adapting to the changing demands of the people. Over the past 60 years, Kaldewei has been at the forefront of this development by producing innovative and integrated shower systems that raise the bar in terms of design, functionality, and ease of assembly.

Innovation first comes in the form of design. Kalewei has continuously developed its “original shower” by integrating new lines, features, and system components. All of this is to ensure the benefits for the user and ease of assembly for the plumber. Today, the enamelled shower surface segment alone has 10 model lines, five different surfaces, 34 colours and 57 different sizes across 50,000 exciting product versions made of superior Kaldewei steel enamel. From classic shower trays to guaranteed flat floor-level enamelled shower surfaces and in different shapes, Kaldewei makes sure it fits every size and style.

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Innovation means providing better solutions that respond flexibly to different situations. In terms of installation, the trend now for floor-level shower areas calls for systems that work well with minimal built heights. Kaldewei sets the standard with innovative combinations of shower surface, waste fitting and assembly systems that are easy and safe to install, allow extremely low built heights of just 61 millimetres and which, thanks to flexible variation options, can be integrated into every part of the room. The ESR II installation system and the KA 90 waste fitting, for instance, have demonstrated their practical benefits.

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Finally, innovation is supported through recognition from different prestigious design awards. To date, Kaldewei has earned more than 120 awards, 47 of which pertaining to the excellent design of its shower surfaces. A highlight feature of the shower surface is the Coordinated Colours, which ensure that colours are perfectly coordinated with the given bathroom floor.

Carefully thought out down to the last detail and perfected over 60 years, complete solutions from Kaldewei offer flawless shower design.

In the Philippines, Kaldewei is distributed by Kuysen Enterprises. (website here).

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